Gold mask straps in Thailand

When the pandemic hit, masks became both a health and fashion staple – everywhere you turned, you’d see someone wearing the coveted item. Even high fashion brands released their own iterations of the safety item.

When masks proved they were here to stay, next came the rise of mask straps. We’ve recently discovered a design perfect for high-rollers: solid gold mask straps.

Let’s see how much one of these chains cost.

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Solid gold mask straps in varying sizes

The Migos-worthy mask strap weighs five Baht, which is a unit of measurement used to measure the volume of gold and is being sold for ฿145,000 (~USD4,600). The gold chain was first posted by Effa Naila Sg on 5th June 2021.

Since its posting, the image of the thicc golden chain has since received over 500 comments and three thousand shares.

Image credit: Effa Naila Sg

Hang Thong Sab Thavee is the official retailer of the item, who confirmed that the chain is still in-stock and weighs approximately 80 grams.

Image credit: @subthavee2

The store also has lighter options for those looking to stunt on a budget: their smallest chain costs ฿15,000 (~USD480), clocking in at around eight grams.

gold-mask-strapImage credit: @subthavee2

Adapting to your situation

We’ve all heard about “pivoting” and how important it is for businesses to adapt to situations.

It seems that Hang Thong Sap Thavee really leaned into what’s trending, and approached their target customers with a design that is not only flex-worthy but also very useful.

Have you seen any other luxury products created during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments!

Cover images adapted from: Ali Express, @subthavee2

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