Girl From Nowhere Season 3

Netflix dropped Season 2 of Girl From Nowhere earlier this month. Since then, we’ve been sleuthing for different theories and hidden motifs from the series.

There’s one mystery we’ve yet to crack: When exactly is the next season of the addictive horror anthology dropping? The fact that we only have a rough idea of when Season 3 of Girl From Nowhere will be released, has not stopped netizens from speculating on where the series is headed.

We’ve searched the web and compiled some theories as to what’s to come in the next season, as well as potential release dates.

More Girl From Nowhere content to help with the show-hole:

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Karma vs. vengeance

One of the most discussed topics from Girl From Nowhere is the rivalry between Nanno and Yuri. Throughout the season, Yuri tries to intervene in Nanno’s plans with her own ideas of “karma”, which Nanno perceives as “impatient” and “low-class”.

This all comes to a head in the Season 2 finale, The Judgement where Nanno “dies”. Redditors suspect that Nanno’s sudden mortality stemmed from the seeds of doubt Yuri planted about whether her punishments actually fit the crimes her targets committed.

Throughout JennyX and The Judgement, we can see that Nanno has begun to empathise with her targets, thus resulting in her weakened insta-healing powers.

nanno-diesScreenshot: Netflix 

Whilst some see the end of The Judgement as Yuri’s victory, others see it as the beginning of a full-blown war between Nanno and the aspiring “Girl From Nowhere”. Considering Yuri “turned” Junko by feeding her Nanno’s blood, fans have speculated that she will repeat the action until she has created an adequate army to punish targets, and ultimately, Nanno.

Image credit: Reddit

We also know, however, that Nanno can respawn and create clones from Liberation. So we’re definitely anticipating the final showdown.

Nanno + Nannai

Girl From Nowhere was wild from start to finish. However, starting off Season 2 with Nanno getting a guy pregnant, and said man being “Pat” from Bad Genius, was a power move.

In Pregnant, James Teeradon plays a happy-go-lucky womanizer who is notorious for getting female students pregnant, and suffering zero consequences. That is, until Nanno comes along.

nannai-girl-from-nowhereScreenshot: @kittychicha

Fast forward to the end, where viewers see Nannai begging Nanno to stay and raise a family with him – a request that she coldly rejects. We then see the Girl From Nowhere walking away from her boy-toy and baby.

To say that fans were pleased with James Teeradon being on the Netflix series would be an understatement, so imagine the hype when an eagle-eyed netizen pointed out James’ comment on one of Kitty’s Instagram post that reads, “Bring me back?”. Redditors literally couldn’t even.

The debut of Pokpong 

Speaking of James Teeradon, Pregnant ended with Nannai seeing – experiencing – the impact of his actions. However, fans are left wondering, “What about the baby?”.

Image credit: News Breezer

Some Redditors have pointed out that Nannai’s baby may return in the third season. In an interview with James Teeradon and Chicha “Kitty” Amatayakul, the two discuss potential baby names for their daughter. Their options include “Dek Mai” which means “New Kid” – and is the Thai title of the Netflix series -, and “Pokpong” which translates to “protect”.

“See You Soon” at the end of Pregnant could allude to Yuri’s appearance but others think it was from Nanno’s baby.
Image credit: interaksyron

When the interviewer asks if they’ve finally settled on one of their choices, the actor slips, “We’ll have to see in the next season, oops!”.

The end of an era

While some perceived the ending of The Judgement as the beginning of a war between Nanno and Yuri & Co., other netizens saw it as the end of Nanno’s era.

Fans say Nanno represents cosmic justice. With Yuri and her whack punishments thrown into the mix, Redditors – albeit few – say that Nanno’s attempts at bringing her targets to justice are basically redundant.

nanno girl from nowhereScreenshot: Netflix

Though Nanno is seen to be alive and well at the end of The Judgement, the Girl From Nowhere herself questions her necessity in the world. However, multiple fans beg to differ and state that there is no Girl From Nowhere without the OG Girl From Nowhere. 

I guess we’ll just have to hope that Nanno comes back – to the screen, not to our schools.

Lost & Found…again?

A consensus among Girl From Nowhere fans is that Season One episode Lost & Found needed at least two parts.

One fan captioned screengrabs with the lyrics of Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”. Alexa, queue it up, please.
Image credit: @mojaswery

In the widely popular episode, Nanno targets a student with an affinity for stealing. Starting off with her usual M.O. of providing people with the tools to indulge in their darkest desires, Nanno seems to have to pivoted to a different strategy with T.K.

Realising that his motivations aren’t too malicious – and lowkey sad – Nanno decides to help reunite T.K. with his absentee father.

Image credit: Reddit

Netizens say that this episode helped them see a kinder – and therefore, human side of Nanno. Considering Nanno’s increasing mortality towards the end of Season 2 fans are hoping to see a return of T.K. to foster Nanno’s new-found – or revamped – empathy.

Prologue to Nanno’s origins

Despite multiple theories surrounding Nanno’s origins, fans are left with the question “Who is the Girl From Nowhere“?

Image credit: @vneasthetic_ via Pinterest

Redditors assert that the Season 1 intro sums it up pretty well, whilst others are unsatisfied with Nanno’s origin story. Nanno’s blood may be capable of turning others – Yuri and Junko – into whatever she is, but viewers are itching to know who – or what – exactly turned Nanno into the Girl From Nowhere.

Some wild theories include Yuri being a previous incarnation of the Girl From Nowhere who was sent to test Nanno’s abilities as a harbinger of justice. They also posit that Yuri may report the results back to their “creator”.

Interesting. It may be a little bit of a stretch, but we’d def watch that.

Bonus: Ice cream guy may be back

Speaking of blood, fans haven’t forgotten about the student from Liberation who got Nanno’s blood on his ice cream and still ate it.

Image credit: Reddit

We probably don’t have to go into how that’s absolutely unsanitary, but what we do have to address is that Nanno’s blood has the ability to turn mortals into whatever she is. Thus, this student could be a potential Being From Nowhere in the making.

Screenshot: Reddit

Considering how subtle his “transformation” is, we may just have to add him to our list of Easter Eggs from Girl From Nowhere.

Potential Season 3 release in 2022?

Season 3 of Girl From Nowhere has yet to be confirmed, but netizens believe it’s only a matter of time.

Critics state that there is a lot of content – a.k.a. societal issues – left to address, and that Netflix will probably take note of the fact that the series has reached many corners of the world.

There was about a three year gap between the first and second season of Girl From Nowhere, which has left us in a show-hole currently. Filming the third season may take the same amount of time. However, The Cinetalk writes that they expect the third season to be coming out as soon as 2022.

We know which release date we prefer.

Another mind-bending mystery from Girl From Nowhere

As if two seasons of whiplash-inducing plot twists weren’t enough, viewers are now left to piece together the potential release dates of Girl From Nowhere Season 3. If it’s any comfort, however, most pundits predict that Nanno will, indeed, be back for a third season alongside other characters from Season 2.

Until then, we’ll probably not get bored of hunting down more Easter eggs in the series till Season 3 comes out.

What do you think will happen in Season Three? Do you think Nanno is going to be back? What about Ice Cream Guy? Let us know your wild theories in the comments.

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from top left): News Breezer, Netflix, Netflix via Yahoo News, YouTube

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