Girl From Nowhere episodes ranked

After binge-watching all the Girl From Nowhere episodes in both seasons, viewers were left pondering about the fairness of the “punishments” Nanno, and later Yuri, meted out on every character who had gone off their moral compass.

For those still processing all the crazy plot twists, here’s a recap of some of the most mind-bending punishments, ranked from “got off too easy” to “justice was served”. 

The punishments will be rated out from 0 to 5 Nanno laughs, with five signifying that the punishment perfectly aligns with the crime, and zero meaning it was way off. 

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1. The group of friends from Apologies

Rating: 1/5 Nanno laughs

Apologies starts out with a group of boys who are obsessed with the new girl, Nanno. They try to get in her pants – without her consent – by plotting a devious plan with two girls – who agree to help them out of jealousy. They then lure Nanno to a party where she ends up getting drugged and sexually assaulted.

Under the impression that Nanno is dead, the whole group tries to bury her, even after she regains consciousness.

Nanno creeps student
Image credit: IMDb

The fun then begins as Nanno exhibits her respawning powers for the first time in the series – appearing in school the very next day, simply to creep the whole group out. They try to kill her again, repeatedly, at the same burial spot while Nanno continuously jumps out of nowhere with her classic laugh.

While the gang will remain haunted by this experience for the rest of their lives, they definitely get off too easily. Audience members are left with no guarantee that they’ve received any consequences for their heinous actions or a guarantee that they’ll ever commit the crime again. 

Perhaps, Nanno forgot to give them the talk that would certainly lift up the points for the bunch.

2. Mew from Trophy

Rating: 2/5 Nanno laughs

To be considered a “genius” at her ultra-competitive school, Mew cheats by incorporating other artists’ artworks into her own. By sheer luck, the school’s faculty choose to believe her and even ask her to paint on stage in front of an audience to showcase her talents.

Despite Mew’s efforts to get out of it, oh-so-caring Nanno makes it possible for her to perform. As if she wasn’t panicking enough, a student from another school confronts Mew on stage about her deception.

Image credit: IMDb

Despite the struggle, Mew’s plagiarism does not come to light. The school’s administration helps defend her, enabling her to continue the charade as an art prodigy, leaving the audience with no closure as to what happens next.

Looks like Nanno needed a break from laughing and decided to go easy on the case. However, we have hope that Mew learns her lesson to never cheat again, as it can only get you so far.

3. Jane from JennyX

Rating: 3/5 Nanno laughs

Jane, a.k.a JennyX, becomes sick of her social media influencer lifestyle that is surrounded by lies. She also utters that she doesn’t need her parents as they care more about getting sponsors than her well-being.

Following Nanno’s advice, Jane livestreams her fake suicide and opts to live an alternate life under the alias “Rosie”. She later regrets her decision after losing her internet fame and kills Nanno under the suggestion of Yuri, hoping to reclaim the JennyX moniker.

Jane JennyX
Image credit: IMDb

Little did she know what was in store for her back home. Nanno has successfully replaced JennyX, leaving her no place to resume her past life. To make matters worse, her parents deny that Jane is their daughter and even call the cops on her.

The punishment isn’t as simple as it sounds as Jane now realises her grave mistake after learning her parents’ true intentions, which was to make her childhood dream of fame come true. Jane also learns the meaning of “honesty” after actually getting a life without her parents.

One might wonder, however, if Jane deserved such a harsh punishment at all. Fans pointed out that she’s only been a victim to the pitfalls of social media and probably wouldn’t have done such things if she hadn’t been manipulated by Nanno and Yuri.

4. Kaye from SOTUS

Rating: 3/5 Nanno laughs

The episode follows Kaye, who was once a senior student giving his juniors some of the harshest and most de-humanising hazing tasks during Rub Nong, also known as a freshmen welcoming event.

After getting kicked out of the school for accidentally killing the freshie Nanno, Kaye soon faces the same fate in a new school by the hands of a senior, who also turns out to be Nanno herself.

Kaye rub nong
Image credit: INN News

Following the blood-for-blood principle, Kaye gets a taste of his own medicine, plus interest. 

He experiences an even more brutal welcome during his own Rub Nong, which TBH we didn’t think was possible. He was humiliated, asked to perform a hyper-realistic role-play of a dog and eventually, is beaten to death by his fellow batchmates.

While this reminds us that “tradition” is not always the answer, especially when it’s dehumanising, fans were questioning whether Yuri’s decision to have Kaye beaten to death was too far over the line.

5. Mr. Win from The Ugly Truth

Rating: 3/5 Nanno laughs 

In this episode, Nanno encounters a teacher, Mr. Win, who is the walking definition of a child predator. As soon as Mr. Win gets the chance, he takes advantage of Nanno and threatens to release her (their) sex tape if she doesn’t comply with his demands. 

Nanno then gets down to business by getting close to Mr. Win’s family. Her modus operandi involves becoming a tutor for his daughter. In what seems like the blink of an eye, Nanno manages to discredit Mr. Win, and other faculty members at “The Purest School of the Year”. In this episode, we see that it’s through the often overlooked details that Nanno does her best work. 

teacher Nanno
Image credit: Zone Dara

Whilst netizens are satisfied with how Mr. Win and Co. were punished, they didn’t see the need for his daughter to become collateral damage.

In addition to her getting hit by a car, some even suggested that Nanno went too far when she arranged some quality time for his daughter and her boyfriend, citing that she seemed uncomfortable in the process.

6. Minnie from Minnie and the Four Bodies

Rating: 4/5 Nanno laughs 

Ah, the infamous episode that is said to be based on a real-life case that rocked tabloids for years. 

Rich, spoiled high school student, Minnie, kills four of her schoolmates in a drunk-driving incident. She denies her wrongdoing and gets away with a light sentence and zero jail time due to her father’s influence and wealth.

Justice, however, arrives swiftly when she gets into a car accident herself after having just gotten out of court.

Through powers of hallucination and reality-warping, Nanno ensures Minnie acknowledges her wrongdoing, eventually leading her to commit suicide.

Minnie GFN
Image credit: Cosmopolitan

Fans were satisfied to see that Minnie ultimately owned up to her mistakes, which is what the victims’ parents were looking for. However, netizens were left questioning whether her death was necessary. Was Minnie’s death what they would have wanted? Or was it a little excessive even for Nanno’s brand of punishments?

Note: For those who haven’t seen the episode, you should be warned that it is one of the bloodiest episodes as Minnie receives her series of punishments.

7. Dino from Hi-So

Rating: 4/5 Nanno laughs

Hi-So is one of the most standout episodes from Season One. It tells the story of a less-privileged school boy, Dino, who lies to his friends that he enjoys an extremely lavish lifestyle.

After his privileged friends request to visit Dino’s house, Nanno offers to rent out an ultra-luxe mansion, complete with staff, to him. Desperate to keep up the façade, Dino steals a large sum of money from his struggling parents to treat his friends.

Dino parents
Image credit: @bemine4awhile

However, we all know that Nanno is a fan of surprises. Whilst giving his friends a tour of the mansion, Nanno reminds him to introduce Dino’s parents, who are now the mansion’s – and by extension his – servants. Dino is then forced to watch his friends treat his parents poorly, and even almost killing them in an altercation.

Although Dino’s truth didn’t come to light, he definitely learned his lesson after seeing parents’ lives put on the line just so he could keep up appearances. Despite the main character getting his comeuppance, we are a little disappointed to see that his friends go on to live privileged lives despite their actions.

8. Nannai from Pregnant

Rating: 5/5 Nanno laughs

In Season 2’s premiere, Nanno meets a school playboy who is notorious for the number of female students he’s slept with, as well as for discarding any responsibility when they get pregnant. Nanno gives him a taste of his own medicine and gets him pregnant instead.

Nannai pregnant
Image credit: News Beezer

While bearing the weight of a new life, Nannai not only faces the agonizing physical pain, but also the social ramifications. He is shunned by his peers, forced to receive hate and judgment from strangers, and is kicked out of his family after failing to “take care of it”.

Nanno comes to visit Nannai after he has given birth to his daughter. Here, it seems that Nannai has realised the error of his ways, pleading with Nanno to stay and become a family with them. As the wheels of karma continue to turn, he’s met with the same response he would’ve given his previous girlfriends. 

“No, thank you”. *shivers* Cold, Nanno….cold.

9. Bam from Wonderwall Part 1 & 2

Rating: 5/5 Nanno laughs 

Lonely and insecure, Bam learns about a bathroom wall with “Death Note” powers, where she scribbles down her nasty wishes for her “enemies” with a marker. Out of sheer anger, Bam later wishes for one of the school’s janitorial staff to hang herself – a shocking event that plays out as she describes the very next day. 

As other students take notice of the wall’s powers, things begin to spiral out of control.

In order to put an end to the violence and chaos caused by the Wonderwall, Bam races over to erase everything written on it, but is met with a note,”Whoever erases this wall will die”.

Image credit: IMDb

Realising there is no other way to stop the chaos, she tries to erase the wall once more. Students, teachers and other staff rush to the bathroom and even climb over the stall to stop Bam from erasing what’s on the wall. In a state of panic, Bam writes that she wishes everyone would disappear.

Left alone in the world, she now learns that hate and rash decisions only lead to isolating yourself from people who could otherwise help you. Definitely one of the most satisfying 2-part episodes in the entire series in our books.

Girl From Nowhere sheds light on unspoken societal issues

Thinking about the severity of each punishment and the justice served to the perpetrators may be one of many interesting ways to examine Thai Netflix series Girl From Nowhere. Although these fictional events play out onscreen, the motivations of its characters have real-world consequences, allowing us to dig deeper into the morally complex scenarios presented.

However, no matter how each episode’s judgment is delivered, the most important thing is that these unspoken social issues have finally surfaced and are now ripe for discussion.

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