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In May 2021, Girl From Nowhere hooked in audiences from several parts of the world, including Vietnam and Brazil – a.k.a. Netflix’s second largest market – with the tale of a diabolical girl, Nanno who makes “justice” a reality.

While the premise alone is enough to win the hearts of thousands, the series is also a collection of suspense, plot-twists, and – simply put – good acting that keeps TV fans wanting more.

We, too, don’t know when season three is arriving, but what we do know is how to fix your agonising wait.

Here’s a list of must-watch shows featuring actors and actresses we saw in Girl From Nowhere for those who are desperate for a glimpse of some familiar faces.

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1. DaughtersSia Dai

One thing fans love about Girl From Nowhere is that it brought social issues into light. Here in Daughters – or Sia Dai in Thai, that directly translates to “what a waste” in English – we’re faced with a similar trope, but minus the magicalism.

Sia Dai is a remake of the Thai Film, Daughter, which won Thailand’s Golden Doll Awards in 1994.
Image credit: AsiaOne

While Chicha “Kitty” Amatayakul, a.k.a. Nanno plays a “judge” in GFN, she plays a victim alongside three other girls in this series. The quadruplet rely on vices – like drugs and sex – to escape their problems at home

Throughout the episodes, viewers will get to explore taboo subjects, such as domestic abuse and unaccepted sexual identities, via different characters in an unromanticised manner.

girl-from-nowhere-actors4The series digs deeper into each character’s familial troubles every episode
Screenshot: iQIYI

Get ready to be daunted, because the girls will venture from one bad decision to another until they end up with “regrets”.

girl-from-nowhere-actor2Daughters has been available on iQIYI – an international streaming platform – since 2020.
Image credit: sweetlikesugar

If you’ve been looking for more social commentary, Sia Dai is definitely something to put on your list.

Note: The series is not recommended for those with a light heart as it contains explicit content, including drug use and rape.

2. The Stranded – Kweng

As you may have heard, The Stranded – also known as Kweng – is the first Thai original series on Netflix. The series seems to pay homage to the novel, Lord of the Flies – using tropes such as a group of students being trapped on an island after a devastating tsunami.

actor-girl-from-nowhereImage credit: @NetflixTH

While trying to make it to another day, the students also struggle to keep unity within their group, as isolation and exhaustion take a toll on their minds.

girl-from-nowhere-actors3The Stranded is like a cocktail mix of sci-fi, thriller, and fantasy sprinkled with the complexities of human relationships.
Image credit: Netflix

We know that Teeradon “James” Supapunpinyo, a.k.a. Nanai makes a cameo in one of the episodes. However, hiding in plain sight is Chanya “Nink” McClory, or Yuri, playing Nahm in the thriller series.

girl-from-nowhere-actors12Nink Chanya as “Nahm” in Kweng
Screenshot: Netflix

Motivated more by logic than emotion in this series, Chanya once again acts as a detective – uncovering the truths lurking within the mysterious island.

After watching Chanya portray Nahm in Kweng, maybe you’ll change your mind about Yuri.

3. Great Men Academy – Suphapburut Sut Thi Love

For viewers who are seeking a change from the dark and scary, look no further than Great Men Academy, a series that literally has rainbows and unicorns. Further more, it’s a unicorn that grants wishes. 

girl-from-nowhere-actors10Image credit: Amino Apps

Love, the female lead, has a crush on a popular and handsome student at an all-boys school, Vier. Upon finding the unicorn, Love asks for a chance to prove her love to Vier. 

The mythical creature then grants her wish, albeit in an unexpected fashion: Love is now a boy, and therefore allowed to attend Vier’s school. 

girl-from-nowhere-actors15Critics say that James Teeradon portrayed Love in a realistic and non exaggerated manner.
Image credit: M2Fnews

The male version of Love is played by none other than James Teeradon. While the unicorn gave Love the power to switch between being a male or female student, we’d probably choose to stay as James Teeradon, just so we can see what it feels like to be Thailand’s heartthrob. *blushes* 

The show also kind of reminds us of Hwarang, in the sense that it’s focused on a group of handsome and talented men – the Thai title literally translates to “Great Men Academy: Gentlemen In Love”. It also has the same fantastical, comedic and feel-good vibes to it. 

Official Trailer | Great Men Academy สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ | นาดาว บางกอก
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Official Trailer | Great Men Academy สุภาพบุรุษสุดที่เลิฟ | นาดาว บางกอก

4. Project S The Series: Skate Our Souls – S.O.S. Skate Sum Sa

Switching gears back to the darker Thai dramas, Project S: The Series sheds light on the different mental health challenges that students face on a daily basis, as well as how sports can help them develop coping mechanisms. 

girl-from-nowhere-actors6Image credit: Drama Wiki

Actually, we’re gonna go ahead and issue a Content Warning for portrayals and mentions of suicide, substance abuse and self-harm. 

If you’re still game to watch Project S:The Series, then just be ready to both 555 and rong hai

james-teeradon-girl-from-nowhere-minImage credit: Mango Zero

The show is composed of four sports-themed segments with eight episodes in each one. Project S The Series: Skate Our Souls focuses on the realm of  skateboarding, and follows Boo, the main character who is portrayed by James Teeradon. 

Official International Trailer 'Project S The Series | SOS'
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Official International Trailer 'Project S The Series | SOS'

Boo is a secondary school student who comes from a strict family with lofty expectations that are virtually impossible to meet. The cycle of Boo trying to be what they want him to be and failing leads to Boo developing depression and dealing with his difficult emotions through self-harm. 

At one point, Boo decides to take his own life. However, just as he’s about to make that irreversible decision, Boo comes across a group of skaters, who show him that there are more joys in life than becoming what those who claim to love you “unconditionally” expect. 

girl-from-nowhere-actors13Image credit: The Standard

Similar to Girl From Nowhere, the series does address darker topics unabashedly. So, we’d recommend you check-in with yourself to see if you’re able to watch Project S: The Series without feeling triggered or bothered. 

5. Furious DesireKaen Saneha

Furious Desire, or Kaen Saneha, is a Thai lakorn, a form of media that can be likened most to a “soap opera”. Yes, drama lovers, this one’s for you. 

Released in 2013, the show is about a fictional noble family whose tale about jealousy, romance, drama and of course, vengeful ghosts, gripped viewers nationwide. The tropes and plot points are so juicy that we’d say Kaen Saneha can rival a telenovela.  

girl-from-nowhere-actors11Image credit: Lovefia’s Blog

While we know her as the reckless driver from Minnie and The Four Bodies, Patricia Tanchanok Good plays Roong in Furious Desire, a role that many have said propelled her to fame. Her character is the illegitimate daughter of the family’s patriarch and his beloved mistress, Bulahn. *Grabs popcorn*

girl-from-nowhere-actors7-minScreenshot: Ch3Thailand

It’d be hard to explain the show’s premise without delving into the family tree and potentially spoiling the plot, so you’ll just have to take our word that this show is truly the stuff that drama-dreams are made of. Plus, viewers get to see more of Patricia Good’s acting talents throughout multiple episodes. 

If you need any more proof that Furious Desire is a rollercoaster ride, just look at what channel aired it. Any seasoned Thai drama watcher knows about major television network and veteran drama distributor, Shong 3 or “Channel 3”, an entity comparable to The CW. Channel 3 has released its fair share of hit television series with big-name stars over the many decades that it’s been in operation. 

6. The Serpent

Aside from playing her iconic role as the Girl From Nowhere, Kitty Chicha has also dabbled in internationally produced titles like The Serpent, where she starred alongside Tahar Rahim and Jenna Coleman.

girl-from-nowhere-actorsImage credit: Tumgir

Produced by Netflix and BBC, The Serpent recounts the story of Charles Sobhraj, a real life series killer and master of disguise from France, who targeted Western tourists travelling along Southeast Asia’s famed “Hippie Trail” in the ‘70s. 

girl-from-nowhere-actors8Image credit:

In the show, Kitty Chicha portrays Suda Romyen, who is no other than the criminal mastermind’s Thai girlfriend and accomplice. Are we surprised? No. Every single one of her works has proved that she can just slither into any role, so Kitty Chicha’s character could probably convince us to buy stolen jewels, too. 

You can catch The Serpent on Netflix. If you’re in it just to see Kitty Chicha pull off yet another great performance, then only stream episodes two, three, five and seven. 

girl-from-nowhere-kittyImage credit: Tumgir

Tune in to see that cheeky Nanno-esque smile.

BONUS: Bad GeniusChalard Games Goeng

While not strictly a show, we couldn’t leave Bad Genius, a Thai film based on a real-life standardised testing scandal, off the list. 

Bad Genius brings us back to those days when we spent hours cramming vocabulary that we seldom use and math formulas that barely make sense into our brains for the SATs. *shudders* 

girl-from-nowhere-actorsThe film was inspired by a real-life SAT cheating scandal.

The Thai film follows four exemplary high school students, one of whom is portrayed by James Teeradon, make bank by distributing the test answers in real time

girl-from-nowhere-actors14Image credit: Far East Film Festival

If we remember correctly, our proctors literally had to watch us unwrap the exam packet, so how on earth did these students pull off such a mind-blowing feat? 

It’s how the film addresses questions like these that earned it a Rotten Tomatoes review that claims, “Ocean’s Eleven meets The Breakfast Club in Bad Genius”. 

girl-from-nowhere-actorImage credit: Far East Film Festival

With standardised testing being such a hallmark of everyone’s schooling days, it’s no surprise that Bad Genius was the highest grossing Thai film in 2017. 

girl-from-nowhere-actors16If you really liked the film and want more, there’s also Bad Genius: The Series.
Image credit: ClickTheCity

Catch some familiar faces from Girl From Nowhere

It’s hard to believe that fans were able to wait a whole three years between the first and second season of Girl From Nowhere – it’s only been four months since Season 2 dropped and we’re already itching for Season 3.

If you’re feeling the same way, we totally get it. Girl From Nowhere gripped audiences from all over the world for a multitude of reasons. Whether it was the aptly delivered social commentary, production, or storylines, none of these would’ve come through the screen without these actors. 

So, if you’re looking for more quality works featuring the same actors we saw in Girl From Nowhere, then we’d recommend giving these shows a try. 

Maybe you’ll end up falling in love with another Thai series. 

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