The girl pedalled 745 miles in order to reach home

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Due to the pandemic, many migrant workers are forced to return home by any means possible and no matter the distance. 

On 7th May, a fifteen-year-old in India named Jyoti Kumari Paswan, with her disabled father, took a ten-day trek on bicycle to get home after struggling to make ends meet.

She bought a second-hand bicycle on a whim

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In Haryana, the two were unable to keep up with rent and struggled to feed themselves daily. It was then that Miss Kumari bought a used pink bicycle with her remaining money and prepared to return to their village in Bihar.

They travelled home by bicycle because boarding a train would prove difficult for her father, who has a knee injury and is unable to walk. He was unable to work as a result of his injury, not helped further by lockdown measures.

The two survived on the goodwill of strangers

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During their journey, they got lifts from trucks and food offered by strangers. Her father, Mohan, said he did not think they would make it but his daughter was determined to bring them home, reported The Indian Express.

The two are currently in a quarantine center in their home state of Bihar.

Her actions gained praise locally and internationally

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Her story attracted both local and international attention, with The Cycling Federation of India offering to give her a tryout.

Determination will get us through

Miss Kumari said she did not do it for attention but because they had no choice. By chance, she now has a brighter future ahead of her.

For those planning to make the same sacrifices, remember that there are many obstacles ahead. As with things in life, you come out stronger but it is dangerous and should be a last resort. Focus on taking care of yourself so that you can see many days ahead.

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