Street food at Wanglang Market, Bangkok

Jeeb Tom Pa Aoun

Shrimp dumplings were never something I thought I needed in my life until I had tried one at Jeeb Tom Pa Aoun, a mini dumpling store hidden in Wanglang Market, Bangkok. 

What to order at Pa Aoun

Jeeb Tom Pa Aoun

If we could pick just one thing to try, it has to be the store’s specialty; Boiled Shrimp Dumplings (Size S: ฿60 | Size L: ฿100).

The dumplings come filled with minced pork and a whole giant shrimp. After a short moment diving in hot water, these babies are ready to be eaten. What’s interesting is that the dumplings are boiled and not steamed, like how dim sum is usually prepared. 

Jeeb Tom Pa Aoun

The dumplings were not overcooked and retained a tender, chewy bite. The pork was well-seasoned and complemented the shrimp well. We also added some vinegar sauce and crunchy fried garlic bits to our dumplings for an extra burst of flavour and texture.

If you like dumplings but shrimp isn’t your favourite, you can skip that and opt for Boiled Pork Dumplings (Size S, ฿50 | Size L, ฿100). Also available is Gui Chai (฿40/box), crispy chives dumplings that you can enjoy with Chinese vinegar sauce as well.

Jeeb Tom Pa Aoun

Drop by at Wanglang and dine on boiled dumplings

Jeeb Tom Pa Aoun

The neighbourhood is not only famous for cheap items and souvenirs, but it also has a variety of food stores that you should pop by to try.

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Jeeb Tom Pa Aoun
Location: Wanglang Yaek 1 (opposite 7-11)
Opening Hours: 8AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: +66 81 918 4821

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