Giant python slithers into pigsty in Phetchabun

Most of us would fear giant snakes, especially prey animals like boars. So it would be very surprising to hear when the hunter becomes the hunted instead. That was the case in a little farm in Phetchabun.

Here’s the story about a giant python that was devoured by a group of boars after it slithered into their pigsty on 7th October 2021.

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Giant snake enters the wrong pigsty

The pigsty of the boar family in Phetchabun became a crime scene on Thursday 7th October 2021. After a farmer saw a giant python slithering into one of his pigsties, he went out with the camera to record the incident.

Boars surrounding a snake
GIF: @i_kikki

Little did he expect that the intruder would become a victim instead. After the snake entered the sty, you may be wondering who or what it met. Turns out, it was a group of fierce boars.

This 1-minute TikTok clip was uploaded with a hilarious caption – the owner voiced his concern about one day falling prey to his boars. 

ตอบกลับ @pitchayapadaolay0 พีคกว่าเจองู คือหมูกินงู เริ่มห่วงชีวิตตัวเอง วันนี้แดกงู วันหน้าจะแดกกูมั้ย😂😂#kiktiktok #fyp #fwฟาร์ม #สวนสัตว์tiktok

ตอบกลับ @pitchayapadaolay0 พีคกว่าเจองู คือหมูกินงู เริ่มห่วงชีวิตตัวเอง วันนี้แดกงู วันหน้าจะแดกกูมั้ย😂😂#kiktiktok #fyp #fwฟาร์ม #สวนสัตว์tiktok

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Boars gang up and eat python

In the footage, the boars appear to have ganged up and used their powerful jaws to rip apart the gigantic serpent that invaded their home.

Screenshot: @i_kikki 

The farmer uploaded the clip with a funny caption, “What is more surprising than seeing the python is seeing my own boars devouring the python. My life is not safe anymore.”

Though this was completely unexpected, some netizens were not surprised by the fact that the python was eaten by boars.

Netizens react and were amused

After the clip was uploaded on TikTok, many viewers shared their amusing comments on the clip.

Screenshot: @i_kikki

Netizen 1: This poor snake ruins the reputation of all snakes.

OP: What a poor snake he is LOL. 

While some viewers found what happened in the clip completely unsurprising, as the boar is an omnivorous animal. In fact, another commenter pointed out something we never thought we’d have to worry about. 

giant-boar-pythonScreenshot: @i_kikki

Netizen: Better watch out, you could be next. 

OP: I’m so scared!

Netizens’ reactions aside, we hope the unfortunate python will rest in pieces – in peace.

Beyond establishing the rules of nature, we also think that the story teaches us a valuable lesson.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Though the snake is well-known as the greatest hunter, it doesn’t mean the serpent can’t be hunted by other animals. The same can be said for humans.

Yesterday, you may have eaten porks, but today, they may be looking for human flesh at your doorstep.   

Cover images adapted from: @i_kikki

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