Thai woman finds giant boa constrictor in car’s engine

Videos showing snakes hiding in people’s cars can easily go viral on social media in Thailand. The reason behind this phenomenon is that in Thai culture, snakes are believed to bring people wealth and good fortune.

So, it’s very common to see Thai people asking for winning lottery numbers – with hopes of becoming millionaires overnight – from the person who stumbled upon hidden snakes.

Here’s the story about a Thai woman in Bangkok who found a giant boa constrictor hiding in her car engine.

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Giant snake caught hiding in car’s engine

On 22nd November 2021, Thai TikToker @Sukanya9194 posted a clip of a giant boa hiding under the hood of her car with the caption reading, “Get rich everyone, if you win the lottery, don’t forget me. I am Nuch. If you do not win the lottery, bye”.

รวยๆกันทุกคนเด้อออ ถูกแล้วก็อย่าลืมเรา เราชื่อนุช ถ้าไม่ถูกก็ตัวใครตัวมันเด้อออ#อย่าปิดกั้นการมองเห็น #งูเลื้อยเข้ารถ🐍🐍

รวยๆกันทุกคนเด้อออ ถูกแล้วก็อย่าลืมเรา เราชื่อนุช ถ้าไม่ถูกก็ตัวใครตัวมันเด้อออ#อย่าปิดกั้นการมองเห็น #งูเลื้อยเข้ารถ🐍🐍

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The clip saw a man gradually opening the car’s hood, where he discovered the snake resting on top of the engine.

The snake reportedly slithered into the car while the car’s owner was having dinner with friends in a nearby restaurant.

GIF: @Sukanya9194 

The man who had witnessed the scene then told the car’s owner to check her vehicle, just in case.

GIF: @Sukanya9194

Lucky for the animal catcher, the snake, as seen in the video, didn’t attempt to fight or crawl down deeper into the engine.

Netizens react to the clip and looked for winning lottery numbers

After the clip went viral on TikTok, it attracted a lot of interest from many netizens.

Most of them commented about winning lottery numbers.

Screenshot: @Sukanya9194 

Translation: 419/19 Sathu

One netizen commented that the car’s registration plate could be the snake’s “chosen” winning lottery number.

Screenshot: @Sukanya9194

Translation: 419, 914 come on 1000*1000 go go LOL

Another netizen stated how much he estimates lottery tickets with the license plate numbers will bring, as well as his hopes to win the grand prize.

Screenshot: @Sukanya9194

Translation: Keep reminding yourself that you just paid ฿3,500 (~USD105.77)

While other netizens discussed the winning lottery numbers, this netizen warned herself that buying lottery tickets didn’t bring her any more money.

Putting the comments aside, we really hope that the snake was returned to nature safely.

Whether the car’s owner was going to win the lottery or not, we think that she learned another important lesson in her life.

Make sure your car is locked

Although snakes may bring us good fortune, it’s probably better and safer to avoid reptiles breaking into our spaces by making sure that our cars are locked.

However, if the car’s owner happened to win the grand prize for this month’s lottery, perhaps letting the snake slither inside her car may not be a bad idea.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Sukanya9194 

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