Phi Kong Koi ghost CCTV sighting turns out to be kids

Thailand has a robust set of superstitions and mythical folklore;  in fact, many Thai superstitions give people the “heebie-jeebies”. For locals, though, these myths and superstitions are so deeply woven into our culture and upbringing that we begin to see supernatural beings in our daily lives. 

Mrs. Nathicha Thiphayakpanich, who owns a car garage in Buriram, noticed three eerie creatures via her security cameras, and assumed they were Phi Kong Koi or a goblin-like, single-legged Thai ghost that feeds on blood. 

Turns out, they were just three ordinary children walking along the street. 

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Indicators of supernatural beings

According to Mrs. Thiphayakpanich, there were signs that pointed towards Phi Kong Koi walking in front of her garage. For example, her dogs apparently barked from 1AM to 2AM throughout the entire month of March. According to Thai superstitions, when dogs bark in the evening, the phenomenon is said to indicate the presence of otherworldly beings. 

Thai Lady Spots 3 ‘Ghosts’ Via CCTV, They Were Kids Crossing The Road At Night
Image credit: Sanook 

So, one night, the entrepreneur finally decided to review the CCTV footage to see whether or not supernatural beings were visiting her store, reported Sanook. However, instead of being reassured there was nothing to be afraid of, she saw something that gave her the spooks. Three hazy child-like beings – which resembled Phi Kong Koi – crossing the road.

Thai Lady Spots 3 ‘Ghosts’ Via CCTV, They Were Kids Crossing The Road At NightThree kid-sized silhouettes climbing over the road’s barricade caught on her CCTV footage.
Image credit: Sanook

Upon reviewing the footage again, Mrs. Thiphayakpanich noticed that the “ghosts” came out again on 21st April 2021 at 10PM, which was two whole hours earlier than the witching-hour. 

Thai Lady Spots 3 ‘Ghosts’ Via CCTV, They Were Kids Crossing The Road At NightThe kids on CCTV footage
Image credit: Sanook

The garage owner did a closer audit of the footage with her husband, and saw that the kids were often seen playing around the area every night. 

While relieved that they weren’t Phi Kong Koi, Mrs. Thiphayakpanich noted that it was unsafe for children to be playing in secluded areas so late into the evening. 

Thai Lady Spots 3 ‘Ghosts’ Via CCTV, They Were Kids Crossing The Road At NightImage credit: Sanook

What is Phi Kong Koi anyway?

So, how exactly did Mrs. Thiphayakpanich mistake the children to be ghouls? Phi Kong Koi are ghouls said to have dark skin and are no taller than a child. Another trademark of the mystical Thai-Laotian being is that it only has one foot. Curiously, in the CCTV footage, the children were seen hopping on the barricade with only one of their legs in view.

Thai Lady Spots 3 ‘Ghosts’ Via CCTV, They Were Kids Crossing The Road At Night
Phi Kong Koi ghost illustration
Image credit: Bangkok Haunt

According to lore, the Phi Kong Koi frequent jungles, and highly favour blood. As a matter of fact, campers who are in the vicinity of forests, are warned against keeping their toes outside of tents. That’s something that is said to lure the ghouls to come out of hiding. 

Always carefully review CCTV footage

Certain matters don’t always turn out as we thought, as this story about the mistaken CCTV ghouls teaches us. We can all learn from Mrs. Nathicha’s case, and always strive to carefully analyze the situation before jumping to conclusions. 

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Cover image adapted from: Sanook (Left), Bangkok Haunt (Right)

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