Ghost is often seen hitchhiking near an abandoned hospital

Remember that show, Ghost Whisperer? The one where Jennifer Love Hewitt helps these roaming apparitions “cross over” through conversing with them and helping them resolve their unfinished business?

The same sort of thing happens in Thailand, too. While there are numerous shamans and mediums, there are also regular community members who have a vested interest in helping roaming spirits cross over to the other world.

Here’s the story about the spirit of a young woman who’s frequently found at a crossing near an abandoned hospital in Rayong, her interactions with other community members, and what they really think of her.

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Community members think ghost is trying to catch a ride to the afterlife

Residents in Huai Pong, Rayong have been discussing a young female ghost. They say that she is often spotted trying to catch a lift near a “cursed” intersection – it’s said to have been the site of numerous accidents – close to a deserted medical facility.

This is according to an article written in Sanook on 19th September 2021.

The sign says that many accidents have occurred at the upcoming intersection, and the text in white reads, “this crossing is haunted by a ghost.”  
Image credit: Sanook

While the community members haven’t drawn conclusions as to who this young woman is, they believe that she’s the manifestation of a spirit who has yet to have reincarnated. They have further stated that the spirit could be thinking that a car ride may be the way to move towards her next life.

In the interest of laying the apparition’s soul to rest, community members have asked famed medium, Dr. Pla to speak with the spirit and hopefully set her free on tonight’s, September 20th 2021, full moon.

The ghost may be a benevolent one

Different members of the community have shared their encounters with the ghost in an interview with Channel 8 that aired yesterday, 19th September 2021.

A 38 year-old security guard, Mr. Rob, states that he consistently sees the specter trying to wave down cars.

Mr. Piak, a 45 year-old man said that he feels the presence of the ghost every time he walks past the intersection on the night of the full moon, as well as on the preceding evening, without fail. He also claims that he and his friends often see a woman flagging down vehicles at the same location on the aforementioned nights.

Both have said that they believe the ghost is trying to catch a lift to the after life, as well as warn drivers about potential dangers at the intersection.

Furthermore, Police Lieutenant Amnuay Pongnairat recounts a young woman who came to report a road collision at the police station. The woman reportedly said that she witnessed a messy car crash that resulted in another woman flying into the air, but that she was too afraid to get out of the car to help the victim.

Concerned, officers set out to investigate the incident. However, upon arriving at the alleged crash-site reportedly found no vehicles, nor did they see anyone and that the woman had disappeared.

Due to the fact that the ghost constantly appears by the the crossing, residents believe that she could have been a victim of a car crash.

Supernatural beliefs in Thailand

Writing this story totally gave us goosebumps. While it’s difficult to find concrete proof behind supernatural occurrences, it’s also hard to ignore the testimonies from an entire community about a woman who’s always standing near a “cursed” intersection.

We hope that Dr. Pla is able to provide the village’s residents with answers about what this ghost wants, as well as that all parties involved find peace.

Cover image adapted from: Sanook

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