Gardens By The Bay spotted in Bangkok

We all miss the normalcy of packing our bags, booking our plane tickets and exploring different corners of the world.

For those who miss traveling to the Lion City of Singapore, you can temporarily satisfy your wanderlust by heading to some of Bangkok’s spots that slightly resemble the city-state’s famous tourist attractions. Gardens By The Bay, arguably one of Singapore’s iconic landmarks has recently been spotted in Bangkok.

Let’s explore the Thai version of Singapore’s top tourist attraction.

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Thailand’s “Gardens By The Bay” turns out to be a construction pillar in Bangkok

On 31st July 2021, a netizen posted about Bangkok’s new Gardens By The Bay-esque attraction. In the video, @janejubjai announces that she’s at Gardens By The Bay, specifically in front of Super Tree Grove.While narrator talks about how much she’s enjoying Singapore’s tourist attraction, the video shows that she’s actually looking at an unfinished construction pillar in Khlong Toey that happens to resemble one of the Super Trees at Gardens By The Bay.

The original Gardens By The Bay is on the right and glows like Pandora from the Avatar movie.
Images adapted from: @janejubjai (Left), @gardensbythebay (Right)

She even addresses those who doubt she’s actually at the Singaporean tourist hub by saying, “You don’t believe me? Is it because they’re not lit up? Well, everyone knows that they only light up the pillars at night.”

@janejubjai also points out the fancy-schmancy “Safety First” banner that wraps around the tree, before panning over to show Bangkok’s infamous traffic.

Thiew Thip is a Thai Thing

Ever since Covid-19 made travel become difficult – aka impossible – for many, Thai netizens like this one have been equating Thailand’s sites to famous tourist destinations.

Some have even comically shopped themselves into photos of international attractions.

For instance, a Thai LGBTAIQ+ influencer has been photoshopped hanging out with kangaroo in Sydney, where borders are also closed to international tourists.
Image credit: MGR Online

These fantasy trips are called Thiew Thip.

Have you found other international attractions in Thailand?

You are most likely missing travel too. However, something that the situation has taught us to do is hone our imagination and creativity. So, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you’ve also found some sites that resemble famous overseas tourist attractions.

However, it’d be pretty hard to top this Gardens By The Bay doppelgänger.

Have you found something like Thai Gardens By The Bay yet?

Cover image adapted from: @janejubjai (Left), @gardensbythebay (Right)

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