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Hair donation for cancer patients in Thailand
Image adapted from จากนางฟ้าถึงคุณวันใหม่

A haircut can change one’s personality and boost our self-confidence by a tonne. So, having hair that suits our characters seem pretty important. However, this is not always the case for everybody.

If you’re about to make a decision to switch up your hairstyle, Thailand’s From Angel Foundation can make your cut hair can go from being just trash to helping cancer patients in the country.

A happy heart is as important as medicine   

When fighting against a disease, medicine and treatment isn’t enough – one’s heart must be willing to fight too.

Cancer patients can lose their motivation to keep on going, especially after strenuous medical journeys that seem to have no end. However, their spirits can be lifted thanks to support from family and friends, as well as getting the opportunity to live life as a normal person.

Making wig for cancer patients
Image credit: จากนางฟ้าถึงคุณวันใหม่

Due to chemotherapy treatments, a lot of patients end up losing their hair. This can do a lot of damage to one’s confidence and self-worth, and things like wigs are not always accessible or affordable for many. 

Hair donations by Sale Here and From Angel Foundation

From Angel Foundation is stepping in to help by making easily accessible hair pieces especially for cancer patients. The foundation started when a member of the team wanted to donate her hair but didn’t know where to go – so, the organisation started and invited people who were interested in making wigs for cancer patients to join in.

Hair donation for cancer patients
Image credit: จากนางฟ้าถึงคุณวันใหม่

Sale Here, an online news channel, then helped to spread the news to others. If you are interested in helping the cause, the campaign will be open from now till 25 December 2019.  

In order to donate, the hair will have to be longer than 6-inches and be healthy without having gone through any chemical processes (such as hair dye) in the last 3 months. There will also be a ฿350 fee to get the hairpieces made.

Hair donation in Thailand
Image credit: จากนางฟ้าถึงคุณวันใหม่

The organisation receives all donations via post, even if you live overseas. Address information can be retrieved by contacting them via Facebook messenger on their page here. They can also be reached by phone at +66 9 421 8259 or +66 6 085 6712. 

If you are planning on changing your look with a new hairstyle or just want to donate to this cause, it’s time to give back and be somebody’s “angel”!

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