A helping hand during COVID-19

Michelin-Starred Food
Images adapted from: AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit

COVID-19 has affected the lives of many people, especially those who are struggling with financial issues due to losing their income. They rarely make enough money to feed themselves and their families. 

To help people who cannot afford daily meals, many street vendors have come forward and distributed free food to those in need. Michelin-starred chefs are now joining in and have teamed up with a Thai entrepreneur to help provide free meals as well.

Free boxes of Kaprao Gai

Michelin-Starred Food
Chef Dylan Jones (left), chef Jarrett Wrisley (centre), and chef Chalee Kader (right)
Image credit: AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit

Stuck in Thailand amid COVID-19, Natalie Bin Narkprasert, a 28-year-old Thai entrepreneur and owner of property and e-commerce businesses in France, teamed up with Michelin chefs to cook food and distribute them to local people. 

Michelin-Starred Food
Natalie Bin Narkprasert, Founder of COVID Thailand Aid
Image credit: AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit

On 16th June 2020, over 300 boxes of Kao Kaprao Gai (stir-fried chicken with basil and steamed rice) were distributed to a small community in Bangkok. 

Most of them were working as maids, shop assistants, or street vendors before COVID-19 spread across the country, and many of them haven’t worked for roughly 2 months.

Michelin-Starred Food
Image credit: Associated Press

Ms Narkprasert started running this organisation from scratch by giving away groceries to her neighbours, and now she has over 450 volunteers in more than 32 provinces across Thailand. “I can always make money later, but I just want to keep helping people for now,” she said.

Watch her full interview to Associated Press here

We’re glad to see people who have suffered due to COVID-19 receiving help. We also hope that those who have lost their jobs can go back to work and be able to take good care of themselves soon.

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