Brave student aims for safer pathways

Thailand's Footpath Hero

Image adapted from: mgronlineUdomsak Nakinjaeng

The word ‘footpath’ is clearly defined as a path meant for walking on foot, but it seems like some Thai bikers don’t really get this point. That’s the reason why Megumi “Mali” Morimoto, 55, a Japanese student based in Thailand, makes sure Thai bikers ride responsibly.

Last week, pictures and a video of Ms. Morimoto blocking bikers from using a footpath as a shortcut were shared on the internet. Lots of netizens felt proud to see her step up to teach them a lesson about driving responsibly.

Thailand's Footpath Hero

Megumi Morimoto is a first-year student at Kasetsart University who has been in Thailand for roughly 6 years
Image credit: TNN 16

The video clip was recorded and uploaded by Udomsak Nakinjaeng on 20th August 2019. It shows Ms. Morimoto, who was on her way to a medical check-up, standing at a bus stop at Lam Sali intersection, Bang Kapi District in Bangkok.

Thailand's Footpath Hero

Image credit: Udomsak Nakinjaeng

She can be seen blocking bikers from using footpath shortcut. She also used hand gestures to tell bikers to drive on the road instead.

Ms. Morimoto won praise from netizens after the video was shared. She will also be receiving a certificate to commend her good deeds for society from Sakonthee Phattiyakul, Bangkok’s Vice Governor.

Thailand's Footpath Hero

Image credit: NRAI.CSC.KU 

With her determination, Ms. Morimoto has done everything she can to humbly remind bikers of how dangerous it can be if they were to ride on pathways. She is also worried about them accidentally hitting pedestrians, as shared on Bangkok Post

Riding a motorbike is not a bad thing if we follow the rules and respect other pedestrians and road users. It is a common thing to see bikers go on footpaths, which can destroy them and result in unfortunate accidents. Bikers can be fined ฿2,000 for riding on footpaths with the new law implemented on 1st August 2019 as well. 

So, it would be so much better for everyone to drive on the road responsibly.