Aunty handles foot-long gecko

When you’re living in a tropical country, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to run into some reptiles in strange places: like monitor lizards in your ceiling and even six-legged turtles in your neighbourhood.

However, geckos are probably the most common unannounced crawling-visitors in Thailand.

While considered frequently-seen home explorers, we’d say that geckoes are still not the most welcomed guests. Well, it seems that this man, who encountered a foot-long reptile in his home, seems to feel the same way.

Here’s the story of a family who were graced with an unannounced visit from a large reptile.

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Foot-long gecko causes a scene

Yesterday on 1st February 2022, Thai TikToker, @poprockcase, posted a video that has over 93.5K likes showing what appears to be a mother-son duo trying to rid their homes of a large gecko.

In the first few seconds of the TikTok, the endeavor appears to be a team effort. However, as the woman is able to trap the gecko in her net, and starts to pick it up with her gloved hand, her teammate suddenly jolts back.

Screenshot: @poprockcase

This then left the woman to get rid of any obstacles standing between her and the beast – such as a rolling suitcase – as well as actually catching it on her own.

Screenshot: @poprockcase

Judging from the video, this didn’t seem to be a problem for the boss-woman at all. Just seconds later, she was able to pry the gecko off of the wall and bring it on its way back outside – where it belongs.

Screenshot: @poprockcase

The woman did, however, stop to make a teasing victory dance where she pretended to throw the gecko into the camera.

Well, if we managed to catch a foot-long reptile without freaking out, we’d probably do the same thing. Let’s see if other viewers have the same opinion.

Netizens applaud the aunty’s bravery

While we believe that catching a gecko is a feat worthy of a victory dance, we’d 99.99% be more likely to react the way the boss-aunty’s teammate did.

It seems that the internet also agrees and thus is in awe of how the aunty was able to handle such a situation so well.

Screenshot: @poprockcase

Translation: For me, this aunty is a superhero. 

As someone who’s afraid to even stay in a place where seeing a gecko is a possibility, we wholeheartedly agree that this aunty is a superhero.

Screenshot: @poprockcase

Translation: When she ran over with the gecko, I was shocked. 

While we do agree that her abilities are out-of-this-world, we too weren’t ready to see her running over to the camera with a giant gecko.

Screenshot: @poprockcase

Translation: It seems that our older relatives dominate all the time. 

The saying that with age comes wisdom also seems to ring true in this situation. Perhaps with age, our fears of creepy-crawlies will eventually dissipate, rendering us a worthy opponent for geckoes.

Always call ahead

While we totally understand the enthusiasm to make new friends, it’s also not always a good idea to show up unannounced.

This gecko has definitely showed that.

So, going forward, we’d recommend always calling ahead before making a visit to your loved ones’ homes. While you probably won’t be trapped in a net and thrown outside, we’d say a passive-aggressive, “Oh, you’re here” is just as bad.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @poprockcase

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