Floor collapses under woman jumping rope

There are theoretical ways to prevent ourselves from falling victim to an accident. One easy way, as demonstrated by a Thai woman whose awareness and immediate reflexes saved her life from a car crash, is to be vigilant about your surroundings.

However, for most accidents, we’re not able to predict them. Here’s the story of a jump-roping woman who accidentally fell through the floor after it collapsed under her feet.

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Athletic woman falls after floor collapses under her

On 18th January 2022, Thai TikToker, @Pumpuibencharatputthark0, posted a video showing an accident that happened to her while she was jumping rope.

โดดเชือกมีใครเคยเจ็บมากกว่านี้มั้ย??โดดยังงัยให้โลกจำ😭#ก่อนอําลาวงการ #โดดเชือกกัน #ปุ้มปุ้ยสายอึด#สงสารหน่อยน้าาา

โดดเชือกมีใครเคยเจ็บมากกว่านี้มั้ย??โดดยังงัยให้โลกจำ😭#ก่อนอําลาวงการ #โดดเชือกกัน #ปุ้มปุ้ยสายอึด#สงสารหน่อยน้าาา

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The clip saw the athlete jump roping near a temple’s canal, when a freak incident happened all of a sudden.

GIF: @Pumpuibencharatputthark0

While the woman was jump roping, part of the floor collapsed under her feet, causing the athlete to fall through the floor below.

GIF: @Pumpuibencharatputthark0

Luckily, passersby who saw the accident ran to the spot and lifted her out from the hole to safety.

Netizens wonder if the woman is alright

After the clip went viral on TikTok – garnering more than 58.2K likes – many netizens wondered if the fallen athlete is alright.

Screenshot: @Pumpuibencharatputthark0

Translation: Ooh…Are you okay? Be careful.

One netizen expressed his concern for the woman.

Screenshot: @Pumpuibencharatputthark0

Translation: Such good kids

Another netizen praised the kids in the video for rescuing the woman.

Screenshot: @Pumpuibencharatputthark0

Translation: Jump rope should be done on a stable floor that is strong enough.

While other netizens wondered if the woman was okay, one viewer suggested the woman should jump rope on the stable floor.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Accidents can happen at any time and any place. While there’s no sure-fire way to prevent them, we can try to find those who are willing to help us through them.

As these kind passersby show, there are people out there who can mitigate the effects of an accident.

Cover images adapted from (L-R): @Pumpuibencharatputthark0

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