Best fitness games for indoor exercise 

Best fitness gamesImages adapted from: Play Ultimate, Nintendo, and GameVR

Although the lockdown has been lifted here in Thailand, many people are still worried about heading out due to the virus. Outdoor exercise spots like gyms and parks are also still considered risky locations due to crowds.

Exercising at home is our best bet, and here are some fun games to make our indoor workouts more fun and exciting.

Mobile Apps

1. FitForce

Image credit: Play Ultimate

FitForce is an exercise game from a Thai development team, Runnex Entertainment. This is an interactive game that allows players to play as characters in different mini games and requires only a smartphone and your computer.

Thai fitness game: FitForce
Rocket Squat
Image credit: DROIDSANS

There are 3 free games for now, including Running Warrior, Flappy Dive and Rocket Squat, which allow players to exercise different parts of the body. Players can pay for more games at ฿59 each. The game also records how many calories we lose.

Best fitness games
Image credit: DROIDSANS

Note: Players might have to wear pants with tight pockets for some games like Rocket Squat.

Players have to install the game on both a smartphone and desktop computer. After this, scan the QR code on your computer and enjoy your exercise routine. See how-to video here. Your smartphone will work as a joystick and sensor. 

Download the game via App Store and Google Play Store, and Steam, or get more information on their Website and Facebook.

Platform/Equipment: iOS | Android | Windows PC
Price: Free 

2. Motion Tennis Cast

Tennis game
Image credit: MacThai

Motion Tennis Cast offers players an affordable tennis game requiring only a smartphone and a streaming device like Apple TV or Google Chromecast. 

After running the game, your smartphone will work as a controller and your tennis racket. 

Motion Tennis CastImage credit: Thairath

The game allows 2 players, so you can invite your family to join the competition. In the near future, the developers plan on adding a multiplayer mode for players to invite friends on Facebook or Google+ to join.

Motion Tennis Cast
Image credit: FlashFly

For iOS users, the system can be connected to the Health app on iPhone to track the calories you lose.

Download the game via App Store and Google Play Store, and find more information on Facebook.

Platform/Equipment: IOS | Android | Smart TV | Apple TV | Google Chromecast
Price: $4.99 (~฿379) 

3. Walkr

For anyone who hates exercise, Walkr is the best choice that’ll encourage you to start a new habit. 

Fitness games
Images adapted from: MacThai

On Walkr, you are responsible as the leader of the galaxy, where you’ll be tasked to go on adventures, solve problems, and manage other planets with your beloved dog.

There’s no need to top-up your mana or XP with money – energy is generating via walking. The more you walk, the more energy you get, which leads to you being able to afford more items in the game.

Games for exercise
Bring your phone together when walking around in the house for the system to calculate your steps
Image credit: MacThai

No matter how much you hate exercise, the cute graphics of this game will make you play it nonstop. 

WalkrTons of pretty planets to collect
Image credit: True Plookpanya

Available on the App Store and Google Play Store

Platform/Equipment: iOS | Android
Price: Free

4. Dungeon Runner

Free fitness games
Images adapted from: MacThai

Dungeon Runner is an action RPG (Role-playing game) that is easy to play and will allow you to really burn calories because you have to do different exercises to achieve each stage.

Dungeon Runner
Punching to move the block
Image credit: MacThai

There is a direction and guide on what players have to do along the way as their in-game character travels, like jumping jacks, push ups, punching, and others. 

Dungeon Runner
At the end of each session, there will be a record showing the calories you’ve burnt 
Image credit: MacThai

After downloading the application, players have to place their smartphone with a distance of around 8 feet for the front camera and sensor to operate. 

The game is only available for iOS at the moment.  Follow more information on Facebook.

Platform/Equipment: IOS
Price: Free


1. Beat Saber

Beat SaberImage credit: Beat Saber

If you’ve always dreamt of holding a lightsaber and fighting a galaxy war, Beat Saber will make your dreams come true.

Beat Saber is a VR (virtual reality) rhythm game similar to Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, and is another option to enjoy music together with exercise.

Best fitness gamesImage credit: VR And Fun

With a VR headset, you can hold a lightsaber in order to slash the beats that fly towards you.

Beat Saber for exercise
Image credit: GameVR

There is also a party mode to enjoy with your friends and global board to see your worldwide rank. 

Beat Saber is available on Steam, Oculus store, PlayStation Store, and Humble Bundle.

Visit their Website and Facebook to update news and information on the game. 

Platform/Equipment: PlayStation 4 | Microsoft Windows | VR Headset
Price: $29.99 (~฿935) for the game 

2. BoxVR

boxing gamesImage credit: PlayStation

This is another VR fitness game for people who love boxing. BoxVR offers gamers flying balls to punch along with over 150 uplifting tracks from rock to pop and dance to hip hop.

Fitness gamesImage credit: FIT XR

Players can choose the duration they want to workout from 3 to 20 minutes long. There are workout classes designed by real trainers to join in too. 

BoxVRImage credit: BoxVR

Anyone with an added goal of losing weight will also be impressed with the game’s in-built system where you can track your progress daily.

BoxVR is on Steam, Oculus store, and PlayStation Store. Take a tour for some previews on their Website and Facebook

Platform/Equipment: PlayStation 4 | VR Headset
Price: $12.9 (~฿379) for the game 

Nintendo Switch

1. Just Dance 2020

Nintendo gamesImage credit: Nintendo

Just Dance is a famous and classic dance game that always has new versions with new features and songs almost every year. 

Just Dance 2020 comes with different tracks from the renowned artists like Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X and Ariana Grande that have made waves this year. 

Dancing gamesImage credit: Nintendo

The highlight of this episode are the Asian top chart songs like Blackpink’s Kill This Love that will impress K-Pop fans.

Best fitness gamesBaby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Image credit: Nintendo

There’s also a World Dance mode for online competitions, and Kids mode packed for bops for the little ones.

Besides, the team also launched the Just Dance Controller for PS4 players to use their smartphone as a joystick. No need to buy accessories! 

Buy the game and find more information on Ubisoft, Website, and Facebook

Platform/Equipment: Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Wii | Playstation 4 | Xbox 1 | Google Stadia
Price: $39.99 (~฿1,246)

2. Zumba: Burn It Up

Zumba class at the gym may not be the best choice at this time. So, let’s take a class at home with Zumba: Burn It Up on Nintendo Switch. 

Games on NintendoImage credit: Zumba Burn It Up

Select the Single Song mode for a solo workout or enjoy a routine with your friends on Fitness Party mode. 

In the Full Class mode, there are over 30 zumba classes designed by trainers offered in various styles of music at different difficulty levels. 

Fitness gamesImage credit: PLAYPOST

Players can go checkout the Fitness Tracker to keep track of their stats like calories lost. There are also guide dancers to follow along to so that you can become a zumba master in no time.

Nintendo fans can buy the game on their official website

Platform/Equipment: Nintendo Switch
Price: $43.41 (~฿1,350) for the game 

3. Arms 

Best fitness gamesImage credit: Play Ultimate

Arms is another boxing game with crazy fun features.

Your characters come with extendable arms that you can level-up with special items to make it more powerful. Besides, you can find new mittens and costumes to make them more stylish before a fight. 

Boxing gamesImage credit: Nintendo

Players can also battle with friends or participate in global competitions online.

Fitness gamesImage credit: Nintendo

If you are bored from fighting, you can opt for other games like shooting balls in Hoops mode or having a game of volleyball in V-Ball mode. 

To try a demo or buy the game, visit their website.

Platform/Equipment: Nintendo Switch
Price: $59.99 (~฿1,869) with Ring Fit Controller

4. Ring Fit Adventure

Best fitness gamesImage credit: Nintendo

Ring Fit Adventure seems to be one of the most popular games since the pandemic. It offers players both adventurous RPG and fitness exercise games at the same time. 

Ring Fit AdventureRing Fit Controller is divided into a holding ring and leg strap that tracks your movements
Image credit: Happy Console 

The game does require you to buy the add-on Ring Fit Controller (Ring-Con), but it will be worth your money for sure. The Ring-Con can be used for almost every sport game, and it allows players to exercise in various ways from cardio, to basic bodyweight and yoga. 

Ring Fit AdventurePlayer have to imitate actions of the character to complete each task  
Image credit: Happy Console 

The video game also has interesting storylines to make players feel engaged with each mission and forget that they’re even working out.

Best fitness gameBeautiful game graphic 
Image credit: Nintendo 

Buy the game and find more information on their website and Facebook.

Platform/Equipment: Nintendo Switch | Ring Fit Controller
Price: $79.99 (~฿2,493) with Ring Fit Controller

Get in shape and have fun 

Where you want to download a free game for fun or invest in a mission-heavy video game, all of these will have you working out from the comfort of your own home.

Let’s make your exercise routines more interesting!

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