Temperature scanner spreads Covid-19

After a year of Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand, people are starting to adapt to the “new normal” lifestyle by wearing facemasks, doing check-ins and having their foreheads scanned by a temperature scanner everywhere they go

However, the safe routine is in jeopardy with the latest Covid-19 cluster report, claiming that a cluster of 22 Covid-19 cases originated from a contaminated temperature scanner.

Patient zero is a university security guard

The recent cluster of Covid-19 cases came after a proactive swab testing of people in a close circle to the “patient zero” security guard who works in Chulalongkorn University’s ground. Most cases of the new 22 person cluster were Chulalongkorn University’s blue-collars, where only 1 out of the 22 being an outside visitor. 

Chulalongkorn Dormitory
Chulalongkorn University dormitory – ground zero for multiple Covid-19 cases
Image credit: UniGang

According to Thairath, Bangkok City Council reacted to the findings by ordering the area where the infected persons frequented be checked for Covid-19 contamination; they found that one of the facial temperature scanners in the university ground was infected. Thus, they concluded that the subject scanner being the super-spreader.

Temperature Scanner
Is this the face of the ‘new normal’ a Covid-19 super-spreader?
Image credit: Shoppee

While the security guard and all of the cases in the recent cluster were quarantined in intensive care, no further infections were found among other students and workers after a proactive swab. The subjected temperature scanner has also been disinfected and wiped clean.

Vaccines are fashionably late, but they’re coming

With the latest Covid-19 cluster, people are starting to wonder about the government vaccines plan after the Valentine’s Day deadline hasn’t been met. However, we can all have a glimmer of hope again after the government announcement on 15th February. 

According to Thairath, The Public Health Minister of Thailand, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, confirmed that the first 200,000 Sinovac vaccines ordered are in the final production stage and will arrive in Thailand by the 24th February 2021 if everything goes right. The vaccines will then be quality checked and properly registered by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before being distributed for further inoculations.

Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, The Public Health Minister of Thailand
Image credit: Thairath

The Public Health Minister remarked that the vaccines inoculation would be initiated by the end of February. He also did not mention the reason behind the missed Valentine’s Day deadline.

PM repeated that all organisations are welcomed to import vaccines

Thailand Prime Minister, General Prayuth Chan-o-cha, also made a statement repeating that all organisations are welcome to import Covid-19 vaccines – another switcheroo after a less-than-a-week previous announcement prohibited the local and private organisations from doing so.

While the Prime Minister did not mention the reason behind the government’s change of mind, he did emphasise that the local and private imported vaccines must follow the government’s official vaccination plan

The Prime Minister also stated that the 26-million AstraZeneca vaccines order would arrive somewhere between May and June 2021. 

Remember to take precautions

With the discovery of a new Covid-19 cluster and Covid-19 vaccines are still on the horizon, it’s best for us Thai people to strictly follow the Covid-19 precautionary measures. Always wear your masks and always remember to use an alcohol gel to clean your hands throughout the day. We also encourage our readers to practice social distancing as well to further reduce the chance of Covid-19 infection. Stay safe, everyone.

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Featured image adapted from: Shoppee

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