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Thai Mom Creates Fancy Face Shields Designs With Star Wars Characters And Traditional Thai Giants

Images adapted from: Reuters

Are you tired of wearing boring-looking face masks? Good news! This single mom in Bangkok is using her passion and skills to make sure this is no longer a problem.

star wars face shields

Image credit: Reuters

Art lover Maysa Talerd saw a business opportunity as the COVID-19 pandemic struck Thailand. She neatly cut white sticker sheets in the form of famous characters’ faces from Star Wars films and Thai epic Ramayana and transferred them on face shields to create unique protective gear to keep people safe while looking cool.

The designs include Stormtrooper and Darth Vader from Star Wars, Tossagun (giant), Hanuman (monkey god), and Gundam.

Encouraged people to wear protective gear

stormtrooper face shields

Stormtrooper is in the house!
Image credit: Reuters

By adding more style to plain protective gear, Miss Talerd believes it would encourage more folks to wear face shields when they go outside for their own safety. 

“Normally, a face shield is transparent, so people might get bored. With these fun designs, they’ll encourage people to wear them,” she said.

“At least with the cartoon characters, kids will want to wear them and show off to their friends at school.”

Became the main income

Ramayana face shields

Tossagun and Hanuman
Image credit: Reuters

Miss Talerd told Reuters that she had no income for a few months. Right now, however, she’s been getting orders of 100 shields at a time. She sells it at ฿180 (~USD6) each.

“I think this might become the main income for me in the future because toy stores are contacting me to do wholesale,” Miss Talerd said.

These face shields look super awesome – we don’t think we will ever want to take them off! 

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