Robots to work for FamilyMart

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Robots are becoming popular during the “new normal” for being a safe and easier way of working. Some businesses are looking to reduce workers in stores and make it easier to work from anywhere.

A Japanese company named Telexistence Inc. is collaborating with FamilyMart to have shelf-stacking robots working in their convenience stores.

Check out this 7-11 in Pattaya that has a robot greeter:

The robots are VR-controlled

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Image credit: Reuters

The Model T robots, named after Ford Model T’s, can stack food and drinks on store shelves. They are VR-operated by a human since it’s more cost-efficient than programming an AI, according to the company.

While people are concerned about machines taking away jobs, there are hopes that telecommuting will become a safe way of working in the “new normal”. Also, working remotely could give opportunities to those who cannot travel.

Telexistence’s advisor is optimistic that the robots will eventually work from home once they figure out how humans behave around them:

“In order for robots to be really usable at home we really have to be able to communicate. The fundamental thing that is lacking is knowing how humans behave,” said Telexistence’s advisor Professor Takeo Kanade.

The robots will start working in August, and are expected to work in homes someday.

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Robotic opportunities

Robots are already becoming popular with jobs such as medicine and hotel delivery services. If working from home is the new norm, robotics will eventually make physical labour possible from anywhere and at any time.

We wonder what kind of future robots like the Model T will bring decades from now.

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