Man pretends to be nurse for 11 years

Fake nurse work in hospital 10 years Thailand

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How would you feel if you found out a nurse at your local hospital was a fraud? Understandably, these villagers from Pak Chom district in Loei province were not happy. 

Earlier this month, Sanook revealed reports were made to the Ministry of Public Health about a 35 year-old male nurse, Gowit Inthasorn. He was found to not have finished his nursing education, though he was working in Pak Chom Hospital for 11 years.

After the news spread, he stopped coming to work was uncontactable.

Fake nurse work in hospital 10 years Thailand

Image credit: Sanook

University confirms the man had not graduated

Chief Medical Officer of Loei Province Mr. Prida Vorahan recalled when he realised that Gowit had not turned his professional license in during the annual medical staff check, which occurs every June. This collects the data of all medical professionals’ in the province. 

He then contacted Kon Kaen University’s Faculty of Nursing where Gowit claimed to have graduated from to check the matter.

Fake nurse work in hospital 10 years Thailand

Gowit’s fake nursing degree
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Kon Kaen University then sent a letter to Mr. Prida, stating that Gowit was initially accepted into the Faculty of Nursing but was dismissed in his sophomore year due to unknown reasons.

Man confesses that he faked his professional license

On 20th August 2019, Gowit confessed to the police that he faked his professional license and degree to apply as a nurse at the hospital. As a result, Gowit’s government worker status has been revoked. He will also have to go through the necessary legal procedures for issuing false documents.

It is not confirmed if Pak Chom Hospital and Kon Kaen University will take legal action against Gowit or not.

Fake nurse work in hospital 10 years Thailand

Image credit: Workpointnews

Of course, many jobs these days are open for people who are self-trained, with less focus on formal education. But for the careers that are directly responsible for people’s lives like doctors or nurses, we need skilled people who actually know what they’re doing.

To those that want to become a nurse, just don’t fake it till you make it!