Shield+ Protecting Spray for face masks

Protective Spray To Increase Efficiency Of Cloth Face MasksImages adapted from: Teajai

Not all medical workers have access to medical-grade face masks which are essential for their work, due to the high demand from people who need it to protect themselves from the virus. 

While cloth masks are effective enough to prevent respiratory droplets and particles that might lead to infection for normal wearers, it’s important for staff at hospitals who are dealing with the virus first-hand to be properly equipped.

So, Chulalongkorn University picked up on this problem and developed the Shield+ Protecting Spray for people to use to increase their cloth masks effectiveness.

Encourages people to use cloth masks and reduce waste

Shield+ Protecting Spray from Chulalongkorn University
Image credit: Teajai

Surgical face masks should be reserved for medical staff who work under high-risk environments, where they come into close contact with COVID-19 patients. These types of face masks also increase the amount of trash due to their non-reusable nature, which can be hard to manage and pose threats to garbage collectors too.

Thus, people are encouraged to use cloth face masks which are cheaper, easy to find, and reusable. 

Spraying the masks Shield+ Protecting Spray can level up the ability to prevent and filter droplets and particles at 0.3 microns as the spray helps the cloth fibres “tighten” and get closer. The spray can also help make it more water-resistant.

Shield+ Protecting Spray from Chulalongkorn University
This product is produced in collaboration with Nabsolute, Chulalongkorn University, and other partners
Image credit: Chulalongkorn University

The team also has prepared over 10,000 bottles of spray which are available to use around 24,000 times for officers and workers who work under high-risk situations, such as hospitals and checkpoints.

You can support by donating to the team so that they can produce more products in the future.

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