E-Sarn By Evaime has unlimited Isan-Style Butter Grilled Pork

Bangkok is a haven for Thai food lovers. You can find a wide variety of restaurants serving cuisine from Thailand’s different regions in every corner of Bangkok. 

However, it may be rare to find an eatery that offers both accessible prices and premium menu items.

If you’re looking for a restaurant that meets the above criteria, then visit E-Sarn By Evaime, a shabu-shabu buffet joint with unlimited Isan-style butter grilled pork.

Here’s what you need to know about E-Sarn By Evaime.

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E-Sarn by Evaime is shabu-shabu eatery with temple fair-inspired decor

E-Sarn By Evaime is located on the basement level of ICONSIAM, one of the most luxurious department stores in Bangkok. 

What makes this restaurant stand out from other shabu-shabu buffet eateries is its unique appearance featuring decors that remind us of a temple fair in Northeastern Thailand. 

This two-storey restaurant is ornamented with colorful decorative hangings and Lanna-style lanterns on the outside as well as the inside of the eatery itself. 

The traditional-style fused tables and seats combined with the classic eating utensils also fit the restaurant’s design concept like a glove, and successfully take us back to our grandparent’s good old days.

Must-try offerings that visitors shouldn’t miss

E-Sarn By Evaime allows visitors to enjoy eating unlimited servings of pork and other hotpot favourites offered in the ฿199 (~USD5.98) package for an hour and 30 minutes.

Free drink refills cost ฿49 (~USD1.47), but we think just a glass bucket of soft drink may be enough to quench your thirst.

Items on the menu range from premium-quality pork to a variety of soups and sauces.

Since the highlight soup here is Thai-Isan Jim Jum, or “Northeastern dipping soup”, we decided to order it.

Regarding pork, there were plenty of options like: lean-sliced pork, braised pork, and seasoned pork in a bamboo tube.

But, our most favorite selection was the lean-sliced pork. Each piece was thinly sliced, elastic, and amazingly tender.

There’s no doubt that you can expect the pork’s thin layer of fat would add to the meat’s soft texture too.

Representing the excellent sauces of Evaime include Evaime’s Peanut-Butter Chili and Jaew sauce.

Let’s begin with Evaime’s Peanut-Butter Chili sauce, which leaves a sweet and not-too-spicy aftertaste when mixed with the umami flavours of meat.

We highly recommend smothering the meat in the sauce and leaving it in your mouth for a while. 

You can feel the sauce’s fizz forming on your taste buds while the soft meat gradually melts in your mouth.

The Jaew sauce is the ultimate holy grail for lovers of spicy flavours. Its strong spicy taste also delivers an aroma of roasted ground rice.

When dipping meat into the sauce, we suggest boiling the pork in the Thai-Isan Jim Jum soup first – to add extra sour notes to the meat – so the Jaew sauce doesn’t overpower it.

E-Sarn By Evaime is a 5-minute walk from BTS Charoen Nakhon (Gold Line)

By just walking five minutes from Charoen Nakhon BTS Gold Line station, you can bring yourself back to a temple fair from your childhood memories without asking for a time machine.

It’s very easy to spot E-Sarn By Evaime. Just look for the giant models of Phi Ta Khon and you will find the shabu-shabu eatery located next to them.

We’re sure that your meat cravings will be satiated, and you will find yourself back here over and over again.

E-Sarn By Evaime
Address: 299, Sooksiam, Iconsiam, G Floor, Bangkok 10330
Opening Hours: 10AM – 9PM, Sunday – Friday
Telephone: +66 6 6115 9013
Nearest Train Station: BTS Charoen Nakhon (Gold Line)
Evaime Shabu Shabu Facebook | Google Maps

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