Easy Ray challenge in Myanmar

Food challenges are rampant across eateries these days, with shops offering free meals for downing massive portions or insanely spicy dishes. But one restaurant in Myanmar went a different route, allowing customers to enjoy a range of discounts based on their squeeze skills.

Get through iron bars to qualify

Easy Ray is a restaurant in Myanmar that serves quick meals, snacks, and even Thai food. Established in 2001 in Mandalay, they even claim to be the first fast food restaurant that offers bubble milk tea in the city.

myanmar Easy Ray challenge
A customer goes for the 10% slot
Image credit: Easy Ray

Speaking of their milk tea, the chain recently got people talking after they began promoting their “Easy Ray Challenge”, where customers could get discount coupons for drinks by slipping in and out of a set of iron bars. To participate, one had to be over 16 years old.

Easy Ray challenge in Myanmar 100% discount
Someone who managed to squeeze through the smallest slot
Image credit: Easy Ray

Each gap varies in size, with the largest offering no discounts, to the narrowest giving the lucky customer 100% off their purchase. In the middle are 5%, 10%, and 20% coupons available.

Easy Ray challenge discount coupons
Customers pose with their drink coupons
Image credit: Easy Ray

This isn’t the first time the restaurant posed eaters with such a challenge though. In February, Easy Ray brought out the iron bars and gave customers a chance to snag a free meal. 

easy ray restaurant
Image credit: Kenh14, Foody.vn

This was done to promote their new dishes at the time; hot spicy fire beef and spicy chicken noodles.

Easy Ray challenge
The initial challenge only had 20% and 100% discounts
Image credit: Kenh14

However Easy Ray wanted customers to have a good experience no matter what they walked away with. 

Those who walked away with 20% were thought to be in good health, but hoped the discount would encourage them to eat more. If one passed through the 100% discount, the shop wished them healthier eating habits, thus offering free food for customers to enjoy a hearty meal, on the house.

Food challenges at restaurants

While the thought of having a food challenge essentially based on one’s size might leave a bitter taste in the mouth, most netizens seem to have reacted to it in a lighthearted manner.

According to Zing News, one Vietnamese forum member stated, “I don’t think there’s a need to bring this to Vietnam, because if they do, I won’t get any discount.”

But whether you get a 100% off, 5%, or none, just be sure to eat well and stay in good health!

Featured images: Easy Ray

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