Takoyaki donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts

takoyaki donut

Image adapted from: punpromotion, paepro.th 

Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand has brought a Japanese twist into their classic mini donut holes, resulting in savoury Takoyaki Donuts.

One box goes at ฿79 and comes with 6 pieces. These savoury donuts have a chewy mochi-like texture, and are topped with special tako sauce, katsuobushi (fish flakes), and dried seaweed. This dish will remind you of the real deal for sure!

takoyaki donut

Image credit: paepro.th 

This promotional menu will be around until 30th September 2019, or till stocks last participating branches. So pop by to try this unique fusion dish – we have a month till it’s gone!

Dunkin’ Donuts joins the BBT trend too

Dunkin Donuts offers drinks as well, and their newest bubble tea drinks call for a long queue of customers to its front door.

bubble milk tea

Image credit: dunkindonuts

Here, you can get Dunkin Golden Boba (฿39, 16 oz.), a drink which contains golden boba pearls. It comes in 3 flavours including Thai Tea, Green Tea, and Fresh Milk. These are well-loved flavours by bubble tea fans and are affordable too, so get them while you can as they will only be here till 31st August 2019!

Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand always comes up with new and interesting promotions. If you want to follow up for more information, visit Dunkin’ Donuts official page. And, you can also click here to find out the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts outlet.