Salty tap water in Bangkok

There is no doubt that tap water is essential for household use: from watering plants to cooking to cleaning. However, the taste and quality of tap water aren’t always the best compared to filtered or bottled water.  

On 1st February 2021, Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang warned residents of high levels of salt in a concentration of saltiness in the city’s tap water and advised against drinking it. 

Thai govt officials warn the public

Presently, there isn’t enough fresh water in Bangkok’s dams to dilute the concentration of salt. Rising sea levels around the peninsula, combined with the drought the country is currently experiencing, have led to low levels of freshwater in the country’s reserves.

Mr. Raksak Suriyahan, the Deputy Director of Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA) has warned that the high salt concentration in Bangkok’s tap water will persist through February – the earliest Thais can expect a natural solution is in May when the monsoon season starts. 

Salt concentration reaches dangerous levels

Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang stated that sodium levels were tested as high as 12 grammes of sodium per litre. This is much higher than the 0.2 grammes per litre “safe” standard set by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organisation (WHO), according to Khaosod English.Thai Govt Warns Bangkok’s Tap WaterInfographic by the Department of Public Health for handling Bangkok’s salty tap water
Image credit: สำนักสุขาภิบาลอาหารและน้ำ กรมอนามัย

Translation: How to handle Bangkok’s salty tap water

              Adults & young adults with no pre-existing illnesses
               1. Avoid eating foods with high levels of sodium

              Elderlies, individuals with pre-existing illnesses, children & infants
              1. Buy and consume bottled water
              2. Adopt a reverse osmosis water filtration system. 

The Department of Public Health warned that the water is especially harmful to children, pets, the elderly, and individuals with heart diseases – they also remarked that boiling the water will only increase the salt concentration. 

Those who live in Bangkok are able to check saltwater concentration levels through Bangkok’s Metropolitan Authority real-time map.

Thai Govt Warns Bangkok’s Tap WaterReal-time map for tap water 
Screenshot: TWQ Online

Always keep yourself hydrated 

Keeping yourself hydrated and drinking 1 litre of water daily is very important, especially with Thailand’s summer coming soon. We all know that water is essential for our health and can ward off sicknesses – with the pandemic still going, it’s essential to maintain our health as best we can. 

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