Flying higher with remote learning

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Everyone is hopeful that schools can reopen in July so children can resume learning as per normal. But while we wait, remote learning is the way to go for now.

This month, a librarian worked with a drone service company to deliver books to children at home, becoming the world’s first library to do so.

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She wanted to stay connected

LibraryDrone Kelly

Kelly Passek, a middle school librarian in Virginia, wanted children to still be able to access the library despite public libraries closing during the pandemic.

Passek became fascinated with drone delivery due to being a regular customer of Wing, a drone delivery service. She used Wing’s service to get home essentials and pastries, reported Medium.

She wanted to send library books to students to stay connected with them during remote learning, so she pitched her idea to Wing. Wing agreed and teamed up with her school district to become the first school district in the world to offer drone delivery for library books.

LibraryDrone bag
The drones lower the books down in a neat little bag
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LibraryDrone Kelly checkout

The students request books by filling out a form, which Passek then sorts through and prepares deliveries for the drones. The Wing drones can carry up to three pounds and are “quieter than a car or truck”, reported CNN.

She believes in making a difference

Passek believes that libraries need ways to provide resources to homebound children, seeing as plans to reopen schools and public libraries remain uncertain around the world.

“Libraries provide a critical and unique service, and during this time of remote learning, our job is even more important,” she said in a Wing interview.

Flying higher with remote learning

It’s still uncertain if schools in Thailand and other countries can reopen in July, but schools are adapting to remote learning and getting used to the “New Normal”.

Learning should not stop just because children cannot go to school. It not only sharpens their mind but keeps them from becoming bored and stressed at home.

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