KFC Shanghai Has Driverless Mini Food Trucks Full Of Fried Chicken, 10/10 Social Distancing

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Driverless KFC food trucks in Shanghai

If 2020 had an award for ‘Phrase of the Year’, it’d probably go to “Social Distancing” no doubt. From standing feet apart while collecting bubble tea or sitting with toy pandas during a meal, human interaction has seen a plunge this year thanks to COVID-19 – and KFC ain’t taking any chances either.

Colonel Sanders has brought social distancing rules up a notch with new self-driving food trucks in Shanghai.

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Contactless and cashless payments

Image credit: @shanghaineko

With many countries slowly easing restrictions surrounding the pandemic, it’s easy to forget simple rules like keeping physical distance and minimising human interaction. KFC ensures customers can still enjoy their signature finger lickin’ chicken while staying safe with their new 5G autonomous food trucks.

Image credit: @shanghaineko

These mini food trucks look like adorable car collectibles come to life, and are identical to unmanned 5G smart cars used right here in Thailand in hospitals to deliver medication. These vehicles use Huawei’s 5G technology to remotely control themselves and help minimise contact between patrons and vendors.

From what we can see, customers are able to make their purchase on a touchscreen and pay via QR code.

Neolix, which manufactures these 5G vehicles, have been supplying these mini smart cars for food sales and even street disinfection, reports Soyacincau. We even hear that Pizza Hut is in talks of coming up with a “restaurant on wheels”.

Knowing these cars have graced the hospitals of Thailand, let’s hope to see them selling our fave fast food on the streets soon too!

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Featured images adapted from: @shanghaineko

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