Drive-in party in Germany 

German Drive-In Party Images adapted from: @nitefield and @emergingbehaviour

COVID-19 has forced us to take strict social distancing measures with many of our favourite entertainment venues shutting down, including restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. 

However, people have found a way around enjoying their hobbies – even if that means not giving up on partying. After South Korea offered drive-in theatre services, a nightclub in Germany invited people to come by and enjoy themselves with the drive-in rave. Social distance was still maintained of course, ‘cuz everyone was partying from their cars!

3-hour long rave

German Drive-In Party Image credit: @nitefield

Auto Disco” was the drive-in party hosted by Club Index in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was hosted in a carpark that could hold over 250 cars, with an entrance fee of €35 (฿1,200). 

Each car could only hold 2 passengers and no one was allowed to exit their cars during the party to ensure maximum safety. However if anyone urgently needed to visit the toilet, they had to wear a face mask and exit the car alone. Food and drinks had to be brought on their own too.

German nightclub hosts Drive-In Party Guests could bring their own food and props to join in the fun
Images adapted from: @steffi_wolki

The party went on for 3 hours, from 9PM-12AM, complete with a masked-up DJ, awesome tunes, and fireworks!

After getting good feedback, the club continued to host these social distancing gigs every week and have held 5 parties now.

German Drive-In Party with live DJs and fireworksThe cars are properly distanced too
Image credit: @emergingbehaviour

Although some mentioned that it was pricey, many others commented that they were willing to pay for this as it could help them feel better and less cooped up during the self-isolation.

entertainment venues with social distancing measure
Image credit: Positioning

Other countries are coming up with interesting ways to combat social distancing too. A restaurant in Amsterdam came up with little glasshouses for customers to sit in and enjoy their meals while staying at a safe distance from others.

We hope things will get better soon – stay strong for the dance floor, party animals! 

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