Mango Namplawan ice cream at Swensen’s Thailand 

Swensen’s Green Mango SorbetImages adapted from: foodbymay and ถนัดชิม

Enjoying ice cream with fresh fruit can lighten our moods on a hot hot day. Swensen’s Thailand has always offered customers with fun ice cream flavours from durian to mango sticky rice.

This time, the store is bringing customers an unexpected ice cream flavour – sorbet made from green mango served with Thai sweet and spicy dipping sauce. Let’s see what you can expect from this!

Sour sorbet served with ‘Namplawan’ sauce

Swensen’s Green Mango SorbetImage credit: We Love Swensen’s

The item is inspired by a local favourite snack called ‘Mamung Namplawan’ which is a green mango dip with namplawan sauce.

Namplawan is a Thai sweet and spicy dipping sauce made from sugar, fish sauce sliced shallots, ground chilli, and dried shrimp.

Swensen’s Green Mango SorbetImages adapted from: นากัม โอมาร์ and @da_n_da_n

Mango Namplawan (from ฿99) at Swensen’s Thailand comes in a set with ice cream, dipping sauce, dried shrimps, and crispy shallots.

The item surprisingly tastes pretty similar to the original mamuang namplawan, providing a mix of sweet, salty, and sour tastes together with a spicy note from the ground chilli. 

Don’t worry, we’re sure this one won’t burn your tongue.  

Swensen’s Green Mango SorbetPut the dried shrimps to add a chewy texture to your ice cream
Images adapted from: ถนัดชิม

If you’re not up for this interesting flavour, sweet tooths can opt for Mango Black Dou (฿159) – ripe mango ice cream served with black sticky rice and fresh mango. 

You can find this green mango sorbet at every branch of Swensen’s Thailand, or order it online here

This seems to be quite an unexpected combination – you have to try it yourself!

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