Don Mueang Airport is equipped with 1,800 beds

The pandemic is an ongoing global phenomenon. Governments around the world are now constantly prepping for potential outcomes and emergencies.

For example, Thailand’s officials are transforming massive public spaces into field hospitals to cope with the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

Latest in the list of spaces being converted into a field hospital is a cargo warehouse at Don Mueang International Airport. The area now has 1,800 beds.

Let’s see what the space consists of, and the logistics of the new field hospital.

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Don Mueang Airport hosts Covid-19 patients with moderate symptoms

In late July 2021, a new field hospital was set up in one of Don Mueang International Airport‘s cargo building. It’s equipped with 1,800 beds that are made out of cardboard boxes. The facility will be used to house Covid-19 patients with moderate symptoms, asserted Rienthong Nanna, Mongkutwattana Hospital‘s director, according to The Guardian.

However, patients with worsening symptoms will be relocated to Pitak Rachan Field Hospital at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The field hospital will be ready for operation within the next two weeks, reported AP News.

Cardboard hospital beds at Don Mueang Airport
Image credit: Reuters

Due to the airport’s inactivity and nearly all domestic flights being cancelled, these beds are being set up on Don Mueang International Airport’s grounds.

Currently, other hospital fields have run out of resources after hosting Covid-19 patients. Thus, the creation of more field hospitals is essential towards combatting the virus, reported Washington Post.

Thailand’s latest Covid-19 cases

Thailand still ranks fourth in the ASEAN region for the highest amount of Covid-19 cases. The nation has recorded over 10,000 new daily cases in the last two weeks – on 2nd August 2021, the country saw 17,910 new infections, according to PR Thai Government.

The nation reports 615, 314 infections in total, as written in the ASEAN Post.

Image credit: PR Thai Government

In Thailand, Bangkok ranks first on the list for the highest number Covid-19 infections – with a total of 158,165 cases in the area.

Always protect yourself from Covid-19 at home

Even though Thailand is seeing tighter restrictions, it’s vital to do our own part in protecting ourselves from the virus at home.

Once you get back home, be sure to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds before taking a thorough shower. As an added measure, you can even spray the bottom of your shoes with alcohol to prevent any germs that were picked up outside from transmitting to anything in your home.

Any other at-home hygiene tips you can share? Let us know in the comments. 

Cover image adapted from: Soe Zeya Tun via Reuters

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