Super spicy pizza at Domino’s Pizza Thailand

Thailand is a perfect destination for foodies who want a spicy challenge. Everything ranging from savoury dishes to snacks like potato chips and ice cream can come infused with chillies.

If you are a spicy food fan, try this new menu item from Domino’s Pizza – a Spicy BBQ Sauce pizza topped with juicy sauce and a crazy amount of real chilli slices. 

Spicy pizza with insane amount of chillies 

Spicy BBQ PizzaImage credit: Domino’s Pizza 1612 

Domino’s Pizza launched a Spicy BBQ Sauce series coming in 5 flavours: Spicy Chicken Twist, Hawaiian Pizza, Meat Lover, Ultimate Pepperoni, and Seafood Spicy Mania.

Spicy BBQ PizzaImage credit: @oilsukanyaaa

Aside from the generous toppings, the store also offers a huge amount of chillies that are all over the pizza. Take a look at the pictures and decide whether you should give up or go on!  

Spicy BBQ Pizza
Image credit: Punch Suchittra Kaewpha

The pizza has a hot and spicy taste from the chillies, together with a little sweetness from the BBQ sauce. 

From now until 30th September, you can join a chilli challenge at a special price of just ฿199 (U.P. from ฿499) for the large size (12 inches), and ฿259 for the Seafood Spicy Mania selection. 

Check out each branch or ask for more information here

Try it by yourself and grade your spice tolerance! 

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Featured image adapted from: Domino’s Pizza 1612 and Punch Suchittra Kaewpha

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