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2021 was supposed to be the year where Thais appreciated hotspots within their own country.  Unfortunately, the rising Covid-19 numbers made new kinds of hotspots – ones that the government instructed the population to avoid

Earlier this week, though, The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) announced a generous proposal for Thais: TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn proposed to extend the We Travel Together program to September 2021; the stipend could also include an all-you-can-fly flight buffet.

Airplane ticket buffet

Thailand’s short-lived “New Normal” was marked by a boom in domestic tourism – the government even sponsored 40% of certain travel expenses including accommodation and flights. Named the “We Travel Together” campaign, the government initiative aimed to revive the tourism industry that was heavily affected by Covid-19. 

The subsidy also gave participants an airline ticket subsidy of ฿2,000 (~USD66). Due to the recent spike in Covid-19 cases, many travellers were unable to claim these benefits and a number of tourist-based businesses have continued to decline. 

thailand flight buffetImage credit: @thailanddestiny

In order to offset that, Mr. Supasorn suggested that the 1.3 million participants of the “We Travel Together” campaign use their ฿2,000 (~USD66) on an all-you-can-fly ticket, according to Thairath. The solution also aims to tackle the unpredictability that coronavirus has imposed on all of us: Thais can purchase these tickets and use them at a later date. 

Government subsidised travel 

The announcement from the Tourism Authority of Thailand suggests that Thais may be able to continue using their stipends all the way until September 2021. While the extension of the program suggests that the ‘rona is here for a little longer, it also implies that the virus will be under control within the year. 

flight buffet thailand
Image credit: @natachalife2465

Currently, the project is still finalising its budget and pending government approval.

Domestic travel comeback 

While travelling hasn’t completely returned, it’s important to have something to look forward to. TAT’s announcement can be taken as a glimmer of hope, as well as a wake-up-call to start planning your future travels. That way, when travel restrictions are officially lifted, you know exactly where to go and what to do.

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Featured images adapted from: What’s On Sukhumvit

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