Dog looks for old owner

Thai dog walks 21 km to wait for owner Chiang Mai

Image adapted from: Panithan Rattanathum, Source 2

Speak of love and dedication – this dog walked 21km from its rescuer’s home all the way up to Doi Ang Khang mountain in Chiang Mai, as if looking for its old owner.

Earlier this month, this fluffy black pup made waves all over the Thai internet after a Facebook user named Panithan Rattanathum, posted a series of photos showing the little canine sadly lying by the roadside. He looked like he was waiting for someone. 

Thai dog walks 21 km to wait for owner Chiang Mai

Image credit: Panithan Rattanathum 

In the caption, Mr. Panithan revealed that he found the dog while driving. Concerned, he brought the little guy for a check-up at a local clinic to make sure he was not injured. 

He added that he was sure the dog wasn’t a stray as it seemed like it was used to being in a car, without barking or freaking out. He suspected that the dog was either lost or abandoned.

Thai dog walks 21 km to wait for owner Chiang Mai

This was where the dog found lying
Image credit: Panithan Rattanathum 

Mr. Panithan later announced that if the owner didn’t show up and claim the dog, that he would take the canine under his care – and he did just that. Mr. Panithan then named dog “Lucky”.

Lucky left the house unnoticed

Less than a week after Mr. Panithan adopted Lucky, he shared his unbelievable experience on Facebook after he realised the dog had gone missing. He stated that his mother called him in panic and said that Lucky was gone from the house.

Thai dog walks 21 km to wait for owner Chiang Mai

The gate was left open
Image credit: Panithan Rattanathum 

Their front gate was open, which was unusual since no one unlocked it. At this point, Mr. Panithan believed that his little friend was stolen. He then rushed to the police station to file a report, printed out leaflets, and asked a local radio station to make an announcement.

He even drove around till the sun went down, but Lucky was still nowhere to be seen.

Lucky was found around its previous spot on the mountain

The day after, Mr. Panithan received photos from a friend who was driving down Doi Aung Khang Hill road, showing pictures of Lucky near the spot he was rescued from a few days prior.

Mr. Panithan was baffled by the fact that Lucky here, as it was roughly 21km away from his home. It was obvious that Lucky had somehow managed to open the gate by himself and walked back to this spot to wait for his former owner. I’m not crying, you are.

Thankfully, Mr. Panithan is now reunited with Lucky, bringing him back to safety – again. 

Thai dog walks 21 km to wait for owner Chiang Mai

The picture sent to Mr. Panithan, and a screenshot from Mr. Panithan’s phone showing the distance from his house to Lucky’s spot
Image credit: Panithan Rattanathum 

New family member brings joy to everyone

Lucky was warmly welcomed by everyone in Mr. Panithan’s family once more. When he was missing, Mr. Panithan’s parents were worried sick. His father was the one who rushed to the police station while his mother was busy printing out the leaflets. 

These actions show just how much love and kindness they had for this new member of the family. 

Thai dog walks 21 km to wait for owner Chiang Mai

Mr. Panithan’s father looks at Lucky with love
Image credit: Panithan Rattanathum 

We’re happy Lucky has been reunited with Mr. Panithan’s family, as they do seem to love and care about him. Let’s hope that one day, Lucky’s longingness for his past life will be replaced by the comfort of his new family.

Mr. Panithan is also calling out to anyone who has more information about Lucky. He can be reached on Facebook, or phone at 086-658-7435.

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