Dog joins a game of jumping rope

Dogs are not only a person’s best companion in the loneliest of times, they really are there for you through everything. 

Earlier this week, a dog was spotted helping two young Thai girls play their game of Nang Yang, which is a Thai traditional children’s game similar to ‘double dutch jump rope’ using ropes made of rubber bands. Netizens are pouring in to express adoration.

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‘Good boi’

Posted to Instagram by @up2youha – an account dedicated to Thailand’s daily happenings – is a short video of two young girls playing a game of Nang Yang, which is not something out of the ordinary here.

However, when a dog holds the jumping rope for you, the post becomes a pool of attention – having over 99,100 views – deserving its little round of applause.

girls play jump rope
Dog answered the young girls’ call for help in needing more players
Image credit: Matichon

The video displays a very good boi who holds still while the young girl skips to the pattern of a jumping rope game. After a few seconds, the girl stops to give the happy dog a little pat on its head and it’s exactly what we want to see.

In the comment section, netizens are drooling over the dog’s cuteness, with one comment affectionately saying that dogs would do anything for you.

dog jump rope comment
Image credit: Matichon


Comment 1: Cute! The dog says this is the best I can do for you.

Comment 2: The dog’s very still. Maybe it’s thinking when it will be its turn. Lol.

Comment 3: How adorable!

Comment 4: “I can be anything for you.”

So, head over to Instagram now to get a quick look at this wholesome video.

Team doggo

It’s stories like this that makes you appreciate your doggo even more although they may not always hold still or complete your ‘bang’ tricks.

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Cover images adapted from: @up2youha (Left), Matichon (Right)

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