Dog follows owner to work

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Images adapted from:  บิ๊กเกรียน

Pet owners will agree when we say that sometimes we just wish we could bring our furry friends to work, just so we can be with them 24/7. A post was recently shared on Facebook showing a public cleaner in Bangkok going about her duties – all with her puppy strapped on her back. 

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Translation: “See how hardworking I am? I work with Mommy everyday.” This is the lovely Mazda, who follows her owner everyday. She also has her own raincoat when it rains. This is such a beautiful relationship.
Source: บิ๊กเกรียน

Brings her to work so she doesn’t have to be home alone

The owner of this cute pup is Thitirat Keawaram, who talked about what it was like to work with Mazda, her shih tzu-poodle mix. She got the dog from a friend a year ago, and mentioned that Mazda is a good girl and is never irritable when out together. 

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Image credit: บิ๊กเกรียน

Thitirat shared that she always wakes up at 3am to get ready for work, and brings her dog along so that she’s not left alone at home. When it rains, Mazda even has her own raincoat to keep her dry.

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Netizens were definitely huge fans of Mazda, with many commenting on her cuteness
Image credit: ฐิติรัตน์ เขียวอร่าม

It’s important to be responsible

While it might be odd to some to see a sight like this, it’s nice to see an owner that cares so much for their pet to not want it to be alone when they’re out and about. 

We wish Thitirat and Mazda all the best!