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oath of truth covid-19

Images adapted from: CH3Thailand News

It’s not new to hear about people who hide their travel history and being high-risk for COVID-19. This only ends up putting others in danger, which is why everyone is encouraged to be honest and precise about our condition – especially to doctors.

One doctor in Chaiyaphum, Thailand, decided to take matters into his own hands to make sure patients visiting him were being truthful.

Wants patients to be socially responsible

Dr. Setasak Akeuwejakul shared his experience on Facebook, saying that he requires his patients to recite an oath before medical check-ups. This aims to ensure people are aware that they need to be honest and not hide any information about them being at high-risk of the virus.

oath of truth
Image credit: Bern Setasak Akeuwejakul

Translation: I promise to [Thai deities] to tell the truth, and that I will not hide my COVID-19 infection risks. If I lie, even a little bit, I wish that I will never recover from my symptoms, and suffer to die. However, if I tell the truth, my family and I will stay safe from all diseases and be happy.

Sounds harsh? 

Dr. Setasak shared that although the vows might sound extreme, he only wants to do this to make sure that everyone is safe. He also didn’t want to end up catching the virus and become a super spreader, putting the rest of his staff and family members at risk.

oath of truth doctor in thailand

Dr. Setasak’s post
Image credit: Bern Setasak Akeuwejakul

Translation: Can’t you just tell me? I would like [some] cooperation, because I don’t want to become a super spreader.

Has good intentions for his patients

doctor interview

Image credit: CH3Thailand News

In a phone interview with CH3Thailand News, Dr. Setasak shared that his patients understood his rationale for taking extra measures. He was doing so not just for the sake of his medical staff, but for the safety of his patients themselves.

May this be a lesson for everyone to always be honest and open with any relevant information when heading for check-ups during this time!

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