Thai school bans demon slayer themed clothings

‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ is a highly popular Japanese manga and anime series: not only did a movie come out in response to fans, but so did merchandise like keychains, dolls, and clothes.

Recently, it has become a trend for primary school kids in Thailand to wear Demon Slayer themed cloaks to school, but there is one school that doesn’t seem to be on the same page. Shared to the internet was a text by the school administration announcing the ban of the cloaks; netizens then took it in their hands to give a critical piece of their mind.

Netizens don’t agree

On 20th March 2021, Facebook user Sorrawich Duanyai shared on his timeline a picture of a text from a teacher at an unnamed school saying that Demon Slayer themed cloaks are to be banned on school grounds. The reason behind the administrative decision is that ‘fashion’ is simply not allowed in school. As Thai schools usually have strict uniform codes and rules, the school is able to go as far as confiscating the aforementioned cloaks from students.

demon slayer ban school text
The school text announcing the ban of Demon Slayer themed cloaks.
Image credit: Sorrawich Duanyai

Translation: Dear parents, we are no longer allowing students to wear Demon Slayer cloaks to school. If a student is seen wearing one, the cloak will be taken by the administrators instantly. The cloaks are a fashion garment and do not pass as a jacket to be worn in school grounds.

He revealed that the picture was found on Twitter and had to take it to Facebook to share just how weird this school rule was.

demon slayer ban facebook post
Screenshot: Sorrawich Duanyai

Translation: Found it on Twitter. This is a great example of what Thai education is like. Sad, lol.

As it turns out, a great number of netizens agree with him – there are over 2,300 shares on the post, and streams of criticisms toward the school that poured in like rainstorm, including parents’ opinions.

According to Matichon, the overall comments are saying how illogical this whole thing is; fashion is a part of everyday life. Also, not only does this rule pose no real effect on one’s education, it hinders the imagination of young kids, which should be running wild at their stage.

In short, people are simply having enough of the current educational system.

Nokia 2000 in a digital age

What we see here today can be compared to a Nokia 2000 phone that is becoming irrelevant in a world where smartphones are becoming the bones of society.

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Cover images adapted from: Lazada (L), Matichon (R)

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