Delivery man evaluates ฿900 sashimi box

In an increasingly commercialised world, reasonable food prices that correspond with the quality are hard to come by. Think a branded cup of iced Americano or 100G of premium ribeye steak.

A Line Rider who picked up a box of salmon sashimi worth ฿900 (~USD28), found himself in the same predicament. After he picked up the goods, he couldn’t help but evaluate its quality.

Wondering if the salmon was worth its salt? Here’s how the evaluation played out for this delivery man and his customer.

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Delivery man evaluates quality & price of sashimi order

On 25th June 2021, a delivery man paid for his customer’s order of 9-piece salmon sashimi with some portions of wakame seaweed.

A typical serving size of this portion costs more or less than ฿100 (~USD3) depending on the home delivery services.

He shared a video and image of its “mushy quality” in a Facebook group called ตามล่าหาปลาส้ม (Salmon lovers).

In the video clip, he whirls around the salmon pieces with a chopstick, according to Cat Dumb.

Image credit: Cat Dumb

For context, fresh salmon sashimi meat is usually firm and doesn’t come loose like this specimen.

Image credit: ไม่หลง ก็เลย

His customer later cancelled the order, so he reimbursed the money back through customer services.

Netizens share their thoughts on the incident

After the deliveryman’s evaluation of the quality and price of sashimi, netizens entered the fray to share their thoughts on the incident.

฿900-sashimi-deliveryScreenshot: Peay Panlop

Translation: ฿900 for this much. Looks like it’s a scam.

฿900-sashimi-deliveryScreenshot: Peay Panlop 

Translation: This amount of salmon costs around ฿100 but it’s not as much as 2 grams.


Screenshot: ไม่หลง ก็เลย

Netizen 1: Why was it ฿900?
Netizen 2: The price was too much.

Look out for overpriced food items

Even though delivery services have become more costly in the midst of the pandemic, we still need to evaluate if certain dishes are worth it. Just like this alleged set of salmon sashimi.

We should keep a discerning eye out for food items whose pricing don’t seem to match its quality.

Kudos to the deliveryman for spotting this and allowing his client to cancel his order in time.

How did your most recent food delivery experience go? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Cover images adapted from: Cat Dumb

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