Food delivery man offers food to the homeless

delivery manImages adapted from: thaich8news, Te Sawat

Food delivery is a service that’s super convenient for us in this era. By using it, we don’t need to dress up and go out which can, of course, consume time and energy. Unfortunately, there are many times where customers cancel their orders, resulting in delivery riders having to pay for the food on their own, with the orders going to waste.

Yossawat Phoyen, a Bangkok-based food delivery man, shared his story on Facebook after his customer had cancelled an order after the food was prepared. 

He lost over ฿500 on 11 boxes of chicken rice. But instead of getting upset, he decided to do some good and give all of the food to homeless people in the area in this charitable act. 

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His food order was heartlessly cancelled

Roaming around Phra Nakorn district, Mr. Phoyen received an order from a customer at 7:36PM. He accepted the order and went straight to the chicken rice shop to buy food for the customer.

Unfortunately at 7:49PM, the same customer texted him that he would only wait until 8PM. Even though Mr. Phoyen mentioned that he had already gotten the food, the customer still insisted on cancelling the order.

chicken rice
11 boxes of chicken rice he paid ฿500 for
Image adapted from: Te Sawat

Many netizens felt like he was being really rude, as Mr. Phoyen would have never reached the customer on time for sure according to the long distance he had to travel. 

He drove around, finding the homeless and help them

Mr. Phoyen decided not to waste the food and drove around the hood and gave the food to homeless people who were sitting along the footpaths. At the same time, he was live on Facebook, showing that he was searching for people he could help.

delivery man
Image credit: Te Sawat

delivery man
Image adapted from: Te Sawat

The next day, his story and live video were shared across social media and he was even interviewed by Thai Channel 8 News. He mentioned in the interview that he wanted to do good and help others. Therefore, this seemed to be a good opportunity to do so.

delivery man
Image adapted from thaich8news

After the incident, he thanked everyone for their positive comments and understanding. He also asked everyone to not send mean comments to the customer that had cancelled his order, as he probably now feels sorry for his actions. 

delivery man
Image credit: Te Sawat

Translation: Thank you very much everyone, especially the ones who would like to help pay for the chicken rice bill. I do apologise for not accepting any money as I’ve already received encouragement from you all. It’s more valuable than money. But please help me do the following:
1. Please stop [sending comments to] that customer (he might already feel sorry)
2. Please don’t look for his personal information
3. Please do number 1 and 2

We should be more courteous in the future

Every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks to the case of this kind delivery man, being optimistic is another good way to get rid of any anger and also to help others.

We should also make sure that we’re ready to wait if we order food by a delivery app. Let’s be more mindful of our actions and think about the delivery staff in the future.

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