Delivery biker for all services

delivery biker

Image adapted from @Modernfarm14 and @l3awornkit

Delivery services are very popular and have become more advanced over the years, with people even being able to pay delivery men to feed their cat. Also, there are many new service companies popping up in Thailand that offer more choices for customers.

A Twitter user @Modernfarm14 tweeted a picture of a delivery driver in Bangkok, whose outfit was made up of uniforms from 3 different delivery companies: 

delivery man

Translation: GET shirt, Grab bag, Lalamove helmet
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After sharing, comments started to roll in, with netizens sympathising with the driver. Some even commented on how this is the way people in the city have to live because of the increase in living costs. 

comment on 3 service delivery biker

Translation: This how life is going in the city centre. People have to do whatever it takes to make money, even if it looks strange. At least it’s legal. Life is hard in the city.
Image credit: @DDD68045549 

While some took the opportunity to make jokes, a user also spotted another driver in the same situation. 

comment on the biker with 3 services

Translation: Maybe his pants are from Foodpanda. Hahaha.
Image credit: @seolaikuanlin01

another biker with different service uniforms

Translation: I just read your post and found another rider like that in front of me.
Image credit: @PHENOMENALLV

Many gave the rider encouragement and praised him for doing what he can do survive. 

comment on delivery biker

Translation: If you grab a chance, you will never be poor.
Image credit: MEMORY

This is how many make a living in Bangkok

delivery man

Image credit: @l3awornkit

This is a reflection on how the lives of Bangkokians have changed, and what some people have to do to make a living. Moreover, it shows how people support each other who are hardworking in our current society.