Thai dipping sauce in convenient tubes 

If you have Thai friends or love Thai food, you might be familiar with the array of dipping sauces that are hugely popular with locals. Many people even bring it back home from holidays, or on their vacations because they can’t stop eating spicy food.

Deksomboon has launched a new range of sauces that look like facial mask tubes, allowing customers to easily carry their favourite dipping sauce with them everywhere instead of clunky glass bottles. 

Be careful, don’t use it on your skin 

Deksomboon is one of the biggest Thai brands that is famous for soy sauce and other seasoning ingredients. 

Last year, the brand announced its crazy sweet soy sauce bubble tea to boba lovers, and this time, they are back with something new to talk about. 

Thai Seasoning SaucesImage credit: @sunnyismoody

The new offer features different sauces packed in tubes, just like a facial foam would look. But be careful! These sauces aren’t for your face, but to eat with your favourite snacks for a spicy kick.

Thai Seasoning SaucesKorean food fans can have easy Korean style chicken at home – just squeeze and enjoy
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There are 6 dipping sauces to choose from including jaew sauce (made from ground roasted chilli), wasabi soya sauce, spicy green chilli seafood sauce, Korean sauce, Sriracha sauce, and fusion Thai sweet chilli sauce. 

The sauces are available at just ฿38/150g at Mini Big C stores in Thailand, and on the official website at ฿39/150g

Thai Seasoning SaucesImage credit: ชี้เป้าโปรถูก by Redprice

Compared to glass bottles, the tube is lighter and easy to use. This is good news for spice lovers – they can now bring their favourite spicy dips everywhere. 

Thai Seasoning SaucesImage credit: @LaewTae

If you also love Thai spicy sauces, don’t forget to ask your friends to get some for you. And for all Thais, you finally can have seafood sauce with you everywhere and anywhere now! 

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Featured image adapted from: @sunnyismoody and ชี้เป้าโปรถูก by Redprice

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