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They said that the best Thai food lies hidden in the corner of the streets. Located along Nawamin road that stretches on the northern rim of Bangkok, D-Dear Yentafo serves an amazing Tom Yum Seafood Yentafo – a huge spicy Tom Yum soup in pink broth with fresh seafood imported daily from Yaowarat.

The restaurant is owned by 2 sisters, Dee and Dear, who started the eatery right in front of their home – their garage is converted into a dining area.

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Affordable seafood tom yum soup 

We’ve ordered Tom Yum Seafood Yentafo Mor Fai, which is D-Deer Yentafo’s signature spicy Tom Yum Yentafo served in a bowl with a lit-fire underneath, with fish noodles as a side dish. Mor Fai is a hotpot with a lit flame. 

d dear yentafo

Every dish at D-Dear Yentafo comes with 3 customisable levels of spiciness, where one means not spicy at all and three means a burning tongue.

d dear yentafo

While we waited for our dishes to come, we noticed that many of D-Dear Yentafo’s customers started to show up and quickly filled in the orders. Dear told us that the restaurant peaks around 11AM – 1PM and again from 3PM onwards.

An aquarium in a bowl

The very first thing we noticed when Dee served our Tom Yum Seafood Yentafo Mor Fai was the fact that our pot was filled with huge squids, jellyfishes, and assorted fish balls. 

d dear yentafoFresh jellyfish cooked in yentafo tom yum soup

The scent from the growing smoke of our hot bowl activated every taste bud in our mouth as we scrolled through the ingredients. 

d dear yentafo

The fish noodle side dish also looked very inviting as well.

You’ve heard of fishballs, but D-Dear Yentafo also presents them in noodle form. 

One surprising thing we’ve found was when we checked our bills, everything we’ve ordered is under ฿120 (~USD4) with the Tom Yum Seafood Yentafo Morfai falling at ฿90 (~USD3), which is shocking as these bowls and dishes usually cost way more in the city.

d dear yentafo

How to get to D-Dear Yentafo 

The best way to visit D-Dear Yentafo is to drive or take a Grab ride as the restaurant is not located near any of the BTS and MRT stations. However, you can taste D-Dear’s deliciousness by ordering via food delivery services like Grab Food, Line Man and foodpanda. The restaurant does not have a dedicated parking lot but there are plenty of parking spaces in the nearby sois. Bon Appétit.

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D-Dear Yentafo
Costs: ฿40 – ฿90 (~USD1.34 – USD3)
Opening Hours: 10AM  – 5PM
Address: 17, Nawamin 74 Rd., Keha-Thani 3, Lane 3-8-12, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230
Telephone: +66-9-3429-4193
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