Cute elephant listens to officer 

p boon chuay thailand
Images adapted from: @DnpResort

It’s a common perception amongst Thai locals that elephants are one of the most respected – and cutest – animals on earth. Plus, they tend to be friendly to humans – it’s no wonder many visit sanctuaries across Thailand that aim to rescue and rehabilitate these gentle creatures in a safe environment. 

However, it’s not rare to spot elephants in the wild, especially at National Parks. We recently heard about one that decided to play with a car in Khao Yai, and something similar took place this weekend at Kaeng Krachan National Park in Petchaburi.

Elephant was strolling along the road

The officer of Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation posted a video onto the official Twitter account. In it, we can see a male elephant, affectionately known as P’ Boon Chuay (big brother Boon Chuay), walking on the road.

p' boon chuay
Image credit: @DnpResort

As big brother Boon Chuay was taking his casual stroll, he was also, unfortunately, blocking the road. He then gets chided by a nearby officer, who shouted in order for himself to be heard.

p' boon chuay elephant
After showing a bit of stubborness, he went back to the forest
Image credit: @DnpResort

Luckily, P’ Boon Chuay ended up listening to the officer and retreated back into the forest to his own safety, as well as that of the motorists.

Funny netizens defend Boon Chuay

Since the video was posted, lots of Twitter users came together to defend the poor elephant who was just going about his day. 

p' boon chuay comment 1

Translation: Poor elephant, he just wanted to exercise.

p' boon chuay comment 2

Translation: “Can’t I just see the sunrise? I’m bored.”

p' boon chuay comment 3

Translation: The officer is so mean…but we know he’s doing it for the elephant’s safety.

We’re glad P’ Boon Chuay was safe and sound even though his stroll got cut short. But hey, it was out of love after all.

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