Cross River Kwai is a floating resort in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a famous historical province in Thailand where countless tourists come to visit every year to unpack the history behind The Death Railway and Chong-Kai War Cemetery.

However, this rich cultural backdrop isn’t the only thing that gives rise to visitors flocking to the province. The River Kwai is a vast water body that lots of people journey here to see.

If thoughts of visiting Kanchanaburi have crossed your mind recently, we’ve got just the resort to recommend to you.

Cross River Kwai – a floating resort in Kanchanaburi – will let you enjoy majestic views of the River Kwai, while lounging on outdoor beds on each villa’s rooftop. Intrigued? We’ll take you through what to expect below.

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Modern glass villas along the River Kwai

Image credit: ชาลี

When one thinks of a resort near a river, you might expect to see an old wooden shacks, or conjure up the image of a fishing village. Unlike typical resorts, Cross River Kwai has cabins that look modern with full-length glass sliding doors, paired with industrial minimalist motifs, so guests can peer out into the river easily every morning.

Plus, the morning mist rolling in from the natural forests surrounding the premises makes for a glorious wake up call.

Image credit: กระเป๋าหนึ่งใบ

Guests will also have access to front decks and kayaks in each cabin. I know the glimpse of kayaks probably makes you feel like paddling, but let’s have a look at something else first.

Rooftop beds and free kayaks in every cabin

Image credit: ตะล๊อปก๊อปแก๊ป

If the deck is too low for you to see the river, turn behind and you’ll see the stairs leading you up to the rooftop. These outdoor beds are perfect for lying down and breezing through a thriller novel you’ve been putting off reading. When night falls, you’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of the clear night sky, and possibly a twinkling star or two.

Image credit: Cross River Kwai

Don’t assume that’s all they have yet however; container rooms in four colours are also options for guests to stay in. They’re located behind the cabins along with an infinity pool with a clear view of the River Kwai.

On the balconies, you’ll spot adorable pink outdoor beds, which will provide ample space to lie down or chill out with your family all day.

Now that we’re done covering the exterior amenities at the resort, just like you, I’d be curious to see the inside of the cabins.

Chic minimalist villas with outdoor beds

Image credit: กระเป๋าหนึ่งใบ

If you are impressed with the exterior, the industrial chic theme inside will satisfy you even more. The first room that I’d like to mention is XFloat Cabin at ฿7,000 (~USD212)/night. This floating cabin is the signature suite at Cross River Kwai with a free kayak parked in front.

Hopefully, you haven’t forgotten the rooftop I mentioned earlier because this is the cabin with a rooftop and an outdoor bed for convenient sunset-watching against the mountainous backdrop.

Image credit: @aeychinchilla

No prizes for guessing what this hammock is for. They know how relaxing it is to lie atop a calm, still river. A pro-tip to really get everyone in the mood is to blast your favourite songs via a Marshall speaker while lounging at the deck.

Image credit: @cross.riverkwai

If that cabin is a little over your price range, consider the container-themed room, LuXe Cabin at ฿5,000 (~USD151)/night, with an outdoor bed on the balcony.

Image credit: @cross.riverkwai

Standing outside, you’ll get to see the curve of the river along with vast expanse of greenery surrounding it.

Image credit: @cross.riverkwai

In front of the room, there’s an infinity pool where you can dive in when the weather gets a tad hotter.

Circling back to the activity you’re probably looking forward to. It’s tough to counter the desire to paddle when we see kayaks after all. Thankfully, guests will get to kayak to their hearts content, for no extra charges at all.

Paddle in a kayak along the River Kwai 

Image credit: ชาลี

If there’s something you can’t miss when visiting the River Kwai, it’s paddling a kayak along its clear waters. Personally, I’m not a marine-activity loving kinda person. But this pic definitely entices me to give it a try. Nothing is more calming than being in the middle of this massive river with the thin mist hovering by.

Image credit: ชาลี

Jet skis are also available for rent at ฿2,500 (~USD75)/30 minutes. Even though we’re not technically at sea, we’re sure you’ll have fun riding a jet ski on the river too.

I’d recommend you to drop by this resort when visiting Kanchanaburi, so you’ll know what I’ve shared with you today is 100% legit.

Stay close to the River Kwai and try paddling

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a place that lets you experience a panoramic views of this massive river, Cross River Kwai will do you one better and let you actually stay on it.

Traveling here from Bangkok by car takes no more than three hours, and if you’re already in central Kanchanaburi, it will take you about 25 mins to reach it.

Do let us know if you’ve already bookmarked this locale on your itinerary, and what you thought of the place in the comments below.

Cross River Kwai
Address: 138 4 Nong Ya Soi 5 Ban Wanglan, Nong Ya, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Kanchanaburi 71000
Telephone: +66 9 3120 7832
Cross River Kwai’s Facebook | Google Maps

Cover images adapted from (Clockwise from Top Left): ชาลี, Cross River Kwai, กระเป๋าหนึ่งใบ

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