COVID-19 test booths

Thai medical phone booth for COVID-19 testingImages adapted from: Marketing Oops! and Sanook

Healthcare workers are at high risk of getting infected by COVID-19 because they work closely with patients, such as those who have to conduct virus detection tests. The lack of protective equipment in some hospitals is another problem that leads to more cases too. 

Thai telco company TOT is helping fight the issue by bringing public phone booths back to life by turning them into COVID-19 testing facilities for hospitals in need. 

Can be used for different medical purposes 

We first saw these ‘medical phone booths’ in South Korea, which made COVID-19 testing a safer and faster process that could be done in just ~7 minutes.

Protecting booth for COVID-19 testing made from old payphone
Image credit: Marketing Oops!

Especially today with smartphones taking over, many of these payphone booths are now rendered obsolete, leaving them empty and useless. 

TOT has given them new life amid the pandemic by transforming them into COVID-19 test stations. These booths provide medical workers with a protective shelter where they can safely collect samples from patients.

TOT Converts Old Payphone Booths Into COVID-19 Test Stations
Image credit: Sanook

The glass windows are replaced with an acrylic partition fitted with gloves for healthcare staff to work safely behind it.

The interior of the booth is also equipped with a fan and light for a comfortable and convenient working environment.

Aside from using it as a test station, the booth can also be used as COVID-19 checkpoints, pharmacy counters, or in a situation that requires close contact.

TOT Converts Old Payphone Booths Into COVID-19 Test Stations
Image credit: The Bangkok Insight

These COVID-19 test stations will be given to hospitals in various provinces in Thailand, especially in more remote areas that lack equipment.

We wish all healthcare workers good health and for them to be safe. Thank you all for your hard work in this difficult time.    

You can also support them by joining charity projects such as Food For Heroes to donate for a good cause. 

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