COVID-19 ‘Super Spreader’ song by Jane, Noon, & Bow

Thai Meme Singers Release COVID-19 songImage adapted from: TOPLINE Music Official

Thailand has implemented its night curfew and stay-at-home policies to deter people from heading out in efforts to control the number of COVID-19 cases. 

In order to further spread awareness, the Thai government decided to bring three meme song superstars Jane, Noon, Bow to sing a new song called “Super Spreader”. 

Jane, Noon, Bow – viral TikTok meme stars 

Jane, Noon, Bow Thai meme singers
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Recently, netizens and Thai celebrities started making viral TikTok covers of the Super Valentine song from luk thung (commonly referred to as Thai country music) trio Jane, Noon, and Bow – made up of Janejira “Jane” Reanthongkam, Nattamon “Noon” Nilkhuha, and Kalayanassana “Bow” Kaenkaew

The song originates from way back in 2010, with the singers each taking turns to introduce themselves with the lyrics, “Jane Ka, Jane Ka. My name is Jane. I come with Noon and with Bow”.

Other two singers are Noon and Bow then continue to introduce themselves in the same way too. 

This prompted Thai officials to reach out to the trio raise awareness of COVID-19, and invited them to remake a pandemic-themed version of Super Valentine, aptly called Super Spreader

The lyrics were changed from Jane, Noon, and Bow to be COVID, Fever, and Cough. 

COVID Ka. COVID Ka. My name is Co. Come with Fever and with Cough
Fever Ka. Fever Ka. My name is Fever. Come with Cough and with Co
Cough Ka. Cough Ka. My name is Cough. Come with Co and with Cough

Thailand releases COVID-19 song
Noo Chue Co, Ma Gub Khai Lae Ma Gub I
Translation: My name is Co. Come with fever and cough.

Don’t travel out far. Stay at home safely
Don’t only think of fun because you can get infected easily

The lyrics also warn people to stay at home and not go out, and to take the pandemic seriously.  

Thailand releases COVID-19 songJong Ra Wang Na Ja, COVID Na Mai Chai Fee
Translation: Be careful, COVID-19 is not just a joke

They’re also wearing t-shirts with the Thai COVID-19 slogan that says “Stay at home, stop spreading for our country.”

Thai COVID-19 songI Ka, I Ka
Translation: My name is cough

The new song even has a special dance that demonstrates proper techniques to use when coughing or sneezing.

Thailand releases COVID-19 song
Jong Gak Tua, Baan Krai Baan Man Torn Nee
Translation: Stay in your homes

We hope this song is a fun way for people to know to be responsible by staying indoors, both for the safety of themselves and the people around them.

Thanks Jane, Noon, and Bow for this fun and useful song!

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