Burmese man and woman denied passage on a bus

On 24th December, Saw Jht and his girlfriend planned to travel to Koh Chang via a bus to Trat. However, neither of them were permitted to board. 

Both of the aforementioned are Burmese nationals. Mr. Jht works for a multinational company, and his girlfriend is a student at Mahidol University

No symptoms of Covid-19

Mr. Jht posted a video detailing the incident at
Mo Chit Bus Terminal on Facebook, which Richard Barrow, a British journalist in Thailand, shared

At the bus station, Mr. Jht’s girlfriend was asked where she went to school, which isn’t something that is often asked when boarding a bus. Neither of them have travelled outside of Bangkok for a long time, had fevers, or were refusing to wear masks.

Saw Jht kicked off bus
Nay Aung Lin summarised Mr. Jht’s experience in an Instagram story. The post details that officials claimed that foreigners were not allowed to travel, despite the fact that there were other foreign nationals on the bus.
Image credit: Nay Aung Lin via Saw Jht

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has been linked to a seafood market in Samut Songkhram, where many Burmese nationals have been infected. On 23rd December, a restaurant owner opted to provide free meals to Burmese employees due to the fact that they have been refused service throughout the country.  

Mr. Jht ended the video by acknowledging his position as an employee of a multinational company, and the way he was treated. He then went onto sympathise for migrant workers by saying, “I can’t imagine how Burmese migrant workers are being treated.”  

Netizens react to two passengers being denied entry 

The video was met with sympathy by a majority of the audience. 

Foreigner in Thailand sympathises with Burmese

Foreigner in Thailand sympathises with Burmese

Other netizens took a different stance.

Foreigner in Thailand sympathises with Burmese

Foreigner in Thailand sympathises with Burmese

Screenshots: Facebook 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounces acts of prejudice

Deputy Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Natapanu Nopakun released a series of tweets highlighting the importance of multilateral cooperation.

Thai MFA spokesperson
Screenshot: Twitter

Public cooperation is encouraged

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 in Thailand has caused a lot of panic and anxiety across the nation. While the Thai Government has confirmed that there would be no nationwide lockdown, they also continue to ask all residents to remain vigilant and cooperative with safety measures. 

We’ve seen throughout the globe that the pandemic has encouraged prejudice based on fear. It’s crucial to remember, though, that the virus does not discriminate. The most effective way for all of us to get through this outbreak is to act collectively and courteously. 

Featured image adapted from: Tannapai Boonbandit

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