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Now that Thailand’s government has decided to relax entry requirements for tourists, those who’ve booked trips prior to 1st July must be wondering what options you’ll have to secure your Thailand Pass for entry into the Land of Smiles.

A crucial component of getting your Thailand Pass approved is the Covid-19 Insurance plan with coverage worth at least USD10,000 for each visitor’s peace of mind.

That said, you’ll also need a travel visa, and proof of vaccination status, in order to secure the pass.

However, with the dearth of insurance options out there, it may be a tad confusing to figure everything out. But don’t fret, we’ve got your back. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide below, to help you pick the most affordable option via this nifty comparison tool we found and other FAQs about getting the Thailand Pass sorted.

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Who needs to apply for Covid-19 insurance?

First off, let’s answer the question of who needs to apply for a Thailand Pass – or by extension, Covid insurance. Do note that the Thailand Pass – and Covid-19 insurance – is only required if you are NOT Thai and wish to travel to Thailand before 1st July 2022.

It was recently announced on 17th June 2022, that the Thailand Pass system will be scrapped from 1st July 2022. However, if a trip to Bangkok is already in the works for you this June, here’s what you’ll need to do after securing a valid travel visa, and proof of vaccination.

Most affordable Covid insurance for tourists

Instead of having to manually check every Covid insurance operator’s social media pages for the best deals, here’s a pro-tip to pick the most suitable Covid insurance for your Thailand Pass application.

This price comparison tool helps compare 8+ approved Covid insurance providers based on your departure country, age, and policy duration.

The first step is to head over to, and select the right metrics for your trip. We love that the site even does the currency conversion for you, and adjusts price comparisons according to the length of your trip.

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Simply play with the sliders to adjust the plan to your preferences. Look out for the comments in blue as well on each tab. Some plans are “online approved within 24 hours”, perfect for if you’re rushing a last minute Thailand Pass application.

FYI, the comparison site was created by a number of insurance companies in Thailand who banded together to list Thai Immigration-approved offerings. You’ll get to see all these policies at a glance online – at your convenience – so it’s easy to pick the right one for you and your fam.

Look for budget Covid insurance plans with instant approval

There is a broad range of Covid insurance policies for tourists from all over the world, however, a few standout plans for travellers on a budget have caught our eye.

  • MSIG Covid Insurance: ฿660 (~USD18.70)
  • FWD Covid Insurance: ฿650 (~USD18.40)
    • To qualify prior to policy effective date
      • Apply 14+ days prior OR provide negative PCR test result within 72 hours

If time is tight, and you won’t be able to meet these requirements, consider these options instead:

*Automatically covers travel to Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines & Vietnam.

Documents to upload for Thailand Pass applications

Let’s say you’ve decided on a suitable Covid insurance plan, and are now trying to apply for your Thailand Pass.

Be sure to download the single page PDF document from your provider after settling payment. The PDF should contain:

  • Full name of the traveller
  • Coverage amount in ~USD10,000 or equivalent in Euros
  • Clear mention of COVID-19 coverage
  • Mention of “Travel to Thailand” or “Global Travel Coverage”

You’ll need to export the file as a .JPG, PNG image or PDF file to upload it on the interface when applying for your Thailand Pass.

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Do remember to double check all the deets you’ve filled in as well, and you’ll well be on your way to complete your Thailand Pass application on this website.

See you in the Land of Smiles soon

Thankfully, help is always available 24/7 if you encounter any issues with the Covid insurance comparison tool, travel visa applications, or Thailand Pass approval.

Do reach out via LINE to AHQ’s ever-friendly and helpful support team, when needed. We’re told you can expect a response within 30 minutes, and be able to chat with a live expert who’ll assist you.

So if you’re planning a trip down this June to Thailand, don’t be too put off by the complexities of getting your Covid insurance or Thailand Pass approved.

Hopefully, this short guide has helped you make the process clearer and way more affordable. All the best on your applications, and see you in the Land of Smiles soon.

So if you’re planning a trip down this June to central Bangkok, don’t be too surprised if you see rainbows lighting your way to a joyous celebration of love, art and freedom of expression.

Get your Covid insurance plan & apply for your Thailand Pass now.

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