A COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready In December, Currently In Final Trials

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Coronavirus vaccine to be rolled out soon

AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical organisation, has shared that its COVID-19 vaccine could be rolled out by the end of December, South China Morning Post reports.

The team is currently working with Oxford University to develop the vaccine, with it being seen as a frontrunner in the vaccine race to find a cure.

“Regulatory authorities are working continuously with our data. If they are fast when we are ready, we can start vaccinating people in January, possibly at the end of December” CEO Pascal Soriot shared with Swedish paper Dagens Nyheter.

Vaccine entered phase 3 trials in September

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AstraZeneca‘s vaccine entered phase 3 trials earlier in September, though it had to be temporarily stopped after concerns over a participant who had fallen sick.

When asked about earning money off vaccinations, Soriot explained that there would eventually be no market for an effective vaccine that manages to eradicate the disease.

“No one knows how often you’ll need to vaccinate,” he said, adding that many experts believe that there will be a need for revaccinations.

For now, countries like the US, Japan, and Brazil have signed initial contracts with the organisation to get the vaccine if it passes the approval process.

It’s great that we’re one step closer to fighting COVID-19 – let’s hope for more good news in the coming months.

Featured image: Reuters, AFP/Getty Images

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